First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Ferrari Dino 246 GTS…

Jetsons cars and Mystery Machines be damned!!
This might be a car from a TV Show, but let’s celebrate the third beautiful Ferrari to come out of the Retro Entertainment line.  This may not totally be on par with Ferris’s California or Crockett’s Daytona Spyder, nor as pornstache cool as Magnum’s 308, but, head-gear front bumper and all, this is one nice Hot Wheels Ferrari.
The Dino was supposed to Ferrari’s low-cost entry in the automotive world, leaving the Ferrari badge for the V-12 monsters.  But now the Dino is just considered a Ferrari, and to many is one of the best looking cars ever to come out of the Ferrari factory.  We won’t argue with that.
The HW Dino casting has only been used twice before, in the Ferrari Racers and Garage lines, and while both were quite nice, the model hits its stride here.  Perfect wheels, and, um, it is red.  Again, it qualifies for the Retro line, Hot Wheels best premium line at the moment, because Robert Wagner drove it in a TV show, but it probably made its way because nothing can beat a Hot Wheels Ferrari.
We have sung the praises of the Retro line, and will continue to do so.  Yesterday the RLC crowd got a sneak peak of the Karate Kid ’48 Ford (pop culture cool) and the James Bond Aston Martin DBS (cool car cool), which easily showcase why we like the line.  The pop-culture references are there for those into that, but so are the fantastic cars for the car nerds.  It isn’t Boulevard, but it is getting closer and closer.
There are more pop-culture oriented models in this batch, and we will show them a bit later.  For now, enjoy the Ferrari…
(And get it on ebay, as no 2014 Retro’s have hit the stores yet…)
Hot Wheels Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (2014 Retro Entertainment):

9 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Ferrari Dino 246 GTS…”

  1. “May not be on par with…” Seriously? That Dino casting is miles better than the California. Don't get me wrong, the real 250 California is a drop dead gorgeous car, but that casting leaves a lot to be desired. I'd love to have both Hot Wheels models, but if you gave me a choice between those two, I'd go with the Dino without even thinking about it.

  2. This is an awesome casting. I read a Ferrari history book and saw that this one was known as Enzo Ferrari's son, Dino Ferrari. So this one was named after Dino Ferrari. Has anyone heard of that before coz I had read it in a book.

  3. Hahahahaha you're funny! Making fools making me giggle hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It's definitely a great casting, but I do agree that the California is better. I'm slightly disappointed in the fact that the air vents on the side aren't painted black, but it is still gorgeous. There were actually three versions released before this, the garage one, a yellow one in the 2009 Ferrari Racers series and an elusive red race version with blue and white stripes in the 2008 Ferrari Racers series that was one of the international only releases. It's a different casting but there also was a Dino in the 100% Bruce Wayne set. Out of the five total Dino's I think this one is second only to the red Racers version and I'm sure it will fly off the pegs. Now how about the Enzo from Charlie's Angels.

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