First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera in red…

We have written enough on the HW Panamera before, when the blue was released.  But there are a few models in which a recolor merits its own post.
Most JDM and classic Euro models will get that kind of coverage here.  The Panamera is a model we like, but don’t do flips over.  But saying that, this red version is fantastic.  Hot Wheels wanted to do a Panamera with some after-market add-ons, and now they have the color and wheels to match.  The red shows off how sporty the HW Panamera is, and we have to say we have a bit more of an appreciation for it.
What say you?  Red over blue?
(The red Panamera will be released in the upcoming Batch E)
Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera (2014 Basic recolor):

5 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera in red…”

  1. Yes yes yes!!! The Panamera in red! I think this one's better than that really ugly blue version. The blue is kinda of a hater, while the red, NOW it's better. The red version looks like that on the rear has rear light tempos.

    Also do like the black PR5 wheels. The red version to me or some other people just makes it more sportier and has more performance.

    And DUH, John, wouldn't you do a Matchbox comparison with the red 2011 10- pack in red? Both red, owned by mattel.

    Though, again, I knew you'd do a “First Look” on this!

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