First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels BMW K1300 R Motorcycle…

Did you know a new BMW was in the lineup this year?

We might be slightly (or massively) more fond of the 2002 and E30, but this new bike ain’t bad.  But then again we don’t collect Hot Wheels or Matchbox motorcycles, so what do we know?

It does look good in black, and it looks well-done.  You motorcycle guys, what do you think?

(Find the K1300 R and the rest of Batch E at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels BMW K1300 R Motorcycle (2014 New Models):

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  1. I'm not a big motorcycle person, but the detail on this one is nice! Looks to be fairly large as well.


  2. Similar approach here, I'm not a huge motorcycle enthusiast though I can certainly appreciate them but having the recent Ducati's in hand made me purchase each variation I could find, including the 2 with figures in the premium motorcycle series. Other than that I only have the recent Harley Davidson Fat Boy in blue with the rider and dog on-board, I couldn't pass it up the second time I came to find one!

    I'll certainly pick up 1 or 2 of this BMW if I can find it! Hopefully it will complement the Matchbox BMW motorcycles side by side.

  3. Yes, looks very well done. I woul like to see some classic motorcycles enter the lineup. European and Japanese please, I'm not a big Harley or Indian fan, unless they're from the 30s.

    Are you gonna do the rest of the Lamley Awards soon? I'd like to see some of the results!

  4. Wow! I usually stick to the cars myself, but this thing is freakin' awesome! Since I have been collecting, I have never bought any motorcycles until I got the Ducati Diavel. And now this BMW bike makes me want to actually spend my money on it too. What is happening to me?

    I couldn't explain the ins and outs of a motorcycle to anybody, but I guess over time I kinda developed a soft spot for the sport bikes. Just something about those for me.

  5. NEW MODEL!!! If the 68' Mercury Cougar is new for the E case of 2014 Hot Wheels, then this one is a new model also.

    And I never said that I thought this was an old model. I said “never said” in that sentence. Also, to answer your question, I actually already knew this was new when I saw the lot “E” case on T hunted. Does anyone else here visit T hunted? John, Douglas is one of your Lamley friends, right?

    And also, I forgot all about saying about that tempos (here I go again!). I actually don't care about headlight and taillight tempos on motorcycles. And pretty much of this being in the 2014 HW off road moto I really ought you, well yes, it's you John, that, should have did a comparison with the 2013 Hot Wheels (I don't know what batch this is) the Ducati 1098R or the 2013 new model Ducati Diavel. They were both in the 2013 Hot Wheels mainline as so they're motorcycles.

    And, I'd like to see a “First Look” on the E case Ferrari F12birlinetta (it's in silver, does almost look like the 2013 ZAMAC Wal-Mart exclusive), the new model Porsche Panamera (this time in RED), and some other models from the “E” case.

    So, I think that's all I said for today's “First Look” on the brand new model for Hot Wheels BMW motorcycle, I think it's the first time Hot Wheels produced a BMW motorcycle such as this one.

    So long! See y'all guys later in the Lamley Group.


  6. It means “beautiful BMW motorcycle”.

    Some people don't know english and are here only for the great photos that John takes. Don't be so harsh, dude. Google translator already exists and is a life saver nowadays 😉

  7. Ok, first time I've commented on ANYTHING on this site. SeattleO is absolutely correct. I would LOVE to see more bikes….especially European(Triumph,Norton, Royal Enfield, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia,Laverda, more BMW's, ect), and Japanese(the big four). Hardley's have been done to death for a very long time.

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