A Super Treasure Hunt Update: How is 2014 shaping up?

Batch E is out, so that means we are now five Super Treasure Hunts into 2014…

Of course others have leaked, but let’s stick to the five that have been released:

Chevy Opala SS

Sandblaster (Ford Raptor)

Chevy Camaro Special Edition

’71 Ford Mustang Mach 1

’07 Mustang

Let’s break it down:

  • All American carmakers
  • One Brazilian Chevy
  • Two Chevys
  • Three Fords
  • Two Mustangs
And if we add the three we know are coming:
  • All American carmakers
  • One Hot Wheels fantasy model
  • Four Chevys
  • Three Fords
Let’s see what is missing:
  • JDM
  • Supercars
  • Mopar
  • European carmakers
We will never complain that there are more Chevys and Fords than other carmakers in the Super TH line. We are even cool with the two Mustangs, considering the anniversary this year.  But this is a bit out of whack.  Of course there are seven more Supers to be unveiled, and surely we will see a Mopar, and recent years suggest a JDM, but we hope we see a lot more variety.
One thing we cannot argue?  All five are nice-looking models.  Of the five, the ’71 Mustang gets the nod as best, but that might change when the Gasser and Chevelle SS hit the pegs.  
So halfway in we will give the line a nice solid C.  An A for design, a D for selection.  But we are only at the mid-term.  There is plenty of time to get the grade up.  Your grade?
Lastly, what models do you think might show up as Supers?  Throw out a prediction or two.
Ours?  We will stick to our specialty, JDM.  We know nothing, but we would not be surprised to see the Datsun Wagon emerge as a Super this year.  Or the Hakosuka Skyline as part of the Then & Now. What is your prediction?

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  1. Don't you mean one Brazilian Chevy? heh.

    But I agree, the '55 Chevy gasser is going to be hard to top.


  2. Is it just me, or Mattel has forgotten the classics? No super -or mainline- from the 30's? The last one was the Packard in 2010. Ok, maybe there are just a few casts, but what about 34' Ford? 35' Cadillac? 36' Cord? Talbot Lago? Ford Woody, or Vicky? Won't you like to see the 37' Bugatti with its haughty stance and some big lace real riders? O, they already destroyed the tool of the Auburn.

  3. I guess my favorite so far would be the Camaro. Just because of the least amount of decorations and also because of the low stance. I know it doesn't have anything to do with the model as a TH, but a car with a low stance usually wins me over.

    I really don't have the same enthusiasm for the gasser since I am not a gasser fan, but sometimes Hot Wheels has a way of working their magic. If they do make a TH out of it, then I would expect it to be quite awe-inspiring.

    I do agree that the annual selections need to be balanced out though. I'm not a Treasure Hunter, but I do look forward to the supercars too, sometimes even the JDM stuff, depending on what it is. That's what makes it fun for me; not so much the cars themselves, but the variety.

  4. any of the 7 supers that are remaining could be : lotus evora gt4 , 09 ford f150 ,ferrari california ,citroen c4 rally , acura nsx concept , 2011 indycar, cadillac cts v , 07 dodge ram 1500 , 06 dodge charger srt8 ,porsche cayman s … i am not the only one that its tired do see muscle cars has supers

  5. John, where is post for yesterday?

    Anyway, yeah I'd say Hot Wheels is doing quite a good job. Not 100 percent, but I said QUITE, anyone understand me?

    Okay, so…

    Somehow, Hot Wheels should make more improving. Some of the cars don't seem that much sporty, cool, you know, something like that.

    That also goes with Matchbox. For Matchbox, it's actually not the cars, it's when they're hitting stores, my Wal-Mart doesn't keep up to the next batch then the next batch and the next batch. Matchbox needs some keeping up.

    And speaking of that, I'd really like to see more improving of Hot Wheels super treasure hunts, the regular treasure hunts, and a better line of 2014 Hot Wheels basics.

  6. I know when the 55' Chevy Bel Air Gasser will come out. Well I'm only saying this for curious people, or in case anyone's wondering.

    F CASE*!!!

    The Chevy gasser will come out as a $TH, as well if you guys heard about it before on T hunted.

    So… I don't know about you guys, now y'all heard it just here on this comment about the Gasser coming up onto the next batch of 2014 Hot Wheels.

  7. I agree also. Is it you mean the golden paint part you're talking about or is it the whole thing.

    Though, I still agree, I was just asking a question.

  8. My favorite shown here so far is the E case 07' Mustang. Looking so good with the gold and white yellow creame vinyl. And my 2nd favorite here so far is the 71' Mustang Mach 1. The golden paint is awesome, can't anyone deny on that?

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