Lamley News: Matchbox 2014 Batch C is out…

Looks like the latest batch of Matchbox is out…

Thanks to MCCH member 4 doors only out of Germany, as well as ebay, we now know what it coming.

Our interest has been piqued by the black Aston Martin DBS and the sky blue Buick Police, but there are plenty others that might grab your attention.

Here is the link to all the listings on ebay:

Matchbox 2014 Batch C

Some of the highlights:

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  1. the third batch for 2014 is out, and we are still in 2013, how about actually getting the models for 2013 in the shops first, i really cant fathom the releases, it is getting harder and harder to get Matchbox, especially when people steal your money and dont send you the models, (MCCH Member)

  2. Some nice additions – the Buick looks good, what about a Fire Chief next. The Aston and Porsche look good in their recolours.

    The bus is in the colour it should have been in all along. I like the no.5 homage to the original Matchbox double decker.

    The tank? The turret looks to big and out of place compared to the rest? Hopefully it'll look better in the flash?

    chris.p mcch

  3. I don't care how many folks criticize Matchbox pieces. I thing they are really nice, albeit all the plastic. I've been looking for that Police Buick, but in black for quite a while now. What other vehicles are included in that “On a Mission” Series?
    Thanks for the Posting

  4. Nice, nice, nice! I will take the Two-story bus, Aston Martin DBS Volante, and some of the other models from batch C.

    Gimme the Buick police car.

  5. Hotwheels is so far ahead of matchbox its funny They have released there 7th super t hunt and its only just gone 2014 and matchbox still hasnt released half the 2013 models

  6. As I see “On A Mission” on the 2014 card, does it mean the subseries of each series? It doesn't even make sense “On A Mission”. Instead, mattel could have put the subseries instead of “On A Mission”. Yeah I know there's no subseries, but there could have been.

  7. “on a mission? i don't even like the way it sounds. “on a mission” “on a mission” and “on a mission”. well then i think mattel should do more better with matchbox because Hotwheels is doing more better.

  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at Lamley and to all the readers of this most excellent blog.

    Love that police Buick, but am a little disappointed that it's marked MATCHBOX COUNTY. There is no Matchbox County on any real map. Tampoing MATCHBOX or MBX on so many castings just isn't visually appealing. A true livery would be preferable or even a faux real one.

    Another peeve: For the name of the double-decker bus, when did Mattel change the English language spelling of 'storey' to 'story'? Bad, bad packaging typo.

    Cheers, everyone.

  9. I like the Buick, it looks better than the white 2013 version. But, I hate the lack of chrome on the base. This penny-pinching has got to stop, Mattel.

    I think the Blockade Buster's decoration looks good, but it looks a little weird. Why Matchbox didn't bring back the Bradley is beyond me.

    The modern double decker bus looks great. It will probably join my Leyland Titan and Routemaster.

    I like the Aston Martin, but for some reason I don't like the Porsche, in fact, I passed on this one when I found it at Walmart.

  10. Been a while but I have to comment here. I've. Come to accept the continuing plastics and don't expect change. But the attention to detail is slipped off. The Bus windows should had been tinted like the card. The MBX and MB county logos must go!. On the other hand they are listening I. Suggested. Sometime back the should do away with colored lightbars on emergency vehicles and they did. However on period prices they should use a bit of common sense. On the Buick the clear light is just way out of place.


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