Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo 8C in red…

You knew it was coming…

Many were surprised when Hot Wheels released the first version of the Alfa Romeo 8C in black.  Red is a signature Alfa color, and most photos we have seen of the 8C are in red.  But something makes us wonder if another Italian automaker that shares red as a signature color demanded that only their models debut in red.  Hence, a black Alfa.

But never fear, the 8C is being recolored in 2014, and it is in fact red.  This is the first photo we have seen of the recolor.  It doesn’t show if the wheels have changed (we doubt they have), but we can see what color it is:

Is all correct with the world again?

If we see more pics, we will be sure to share them.  Until then, you can get your red fix with a Ferrari…

8 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo 8C in red…”

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! Finally the Alfa 8c is in red!

    But except if the interior was red too…

    And also you should do a “First Look” on this one whenever it already comes out.

  2. Nice, but look at that headlight tampo alignment… talk about rough!!! Hopefully that is not representative of what will be found on the shelves. I found 2 of both variations of the black version, tinted windows and clear windows!

  3. i wish they'd either put the tampo's on straight or leave them off for me to paint on. fed up of finding door handles half way down the door or headlights on the bumpers.

  4. Guys, calm down. This is just how Hot Wheels makes the Alfa 8c. That's how the designer designed it. So no more complaining about this model in a different mode of design. It does not matter about the headlight tempos. I was about to complain about that, so who cares?

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