A Special Lamley Awards As is the Custom: Our faves for the year 2013…

You didn’t think we would ignore the customs as we present our Lamley Awards for 2013, did you?

2013 saw our customs coverage skyrocket here at Lamley.  As is the Custom is one of our most popular features, and our Custom Contests were also closely followed.  We have also seen the work coming in get better and better.  There were certain models that customizers loved, most notably the Kool Kombi, ’55 Gasser, ’70 Celica, Datsun 620, and Civic EF.

So for this week’s As is the Custom, we went back and looked at all of the customs we featured in 2013, and picked out a few of our favorites.  This doesn’t mean these are the customs we think are the best of 2013, as getting into our weekly feature is not easy, these are just some that we took special notice of during the year.

Some are elaborately done, involving tremendous skill.  Some are very small tweaks that improve the look of the model.  Some are the subject of fantastic photography.  What they all have in common is that we are big fans of each of these.

So sit back and enjoy, and we will get back to the current customs next week…

We will start with what we would call our Custom of the Year if we have that award out.  It would go to Daniel Hew’s BMW E30 M3 that won the first Custom Contest earlier this year.  Honorable mention would go to Ernest Li’s Lamborghini Veneno and dragstueck’s Kool Kombi Truck carrying mini Hot Wheels cases…

Daniel Hew

Ernest Li


@blistercards – Instagram (blistercards.blogspot.com)

Lim Rikmun


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Anh Minh To

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Leo’s Trash Cars

Tom Z

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Ingolf Linke

Mohd Azwandie Hussain

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Jason Miller

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Dominik Wierski

JeAA – Facebook
Harry J

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Tagashie Customs

Hadi’s Artworks


Madworks Kustom

Cano & Ahmed – customdiecastmexico.com

Putera Turbuang

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Evilsonicz Customs

Shawn Sawyer

Glenn Barker


At 1ness – GTPlanet

16 Replies to “A Special Lamley Awards As is the Custom: Our faves for the year 2013…”

  1. I think my favorites have to be the panel painted gold '55 Gasser, and the Green ratsun pickup with no bed. Also love the white EF, blue-green Nova, and Starion. Great job, everyone!

  2. my awesomeness bandwith has been exceeded. A gull wing Beemer! the Starion! Super FJ Cruser all terrain assault vehicle! Kenmeri!

  3. Wow, I like these customs for today. And plus this is even about celebrating of what we've done this whole fast year. Yes, it was fast FOR ME, it was.

    Anyways, the cusoms I like definitely really goes onto my list. I'm not doing a list right now but I am saying I'm putting it on a piece of paper hahahaha… : )

    OK, let's go with the customs I like. And here they are; Ernest Li's Lamborghini Veneno, Daniel Hew's BMW M3 E30 with COOOOL opening side doors : ). Also that I'm saying something nice to Daniel, Ernest's Veneno is looking like the mighty coolest car here haha…. : )

    So, that's all I like to say today. I'd wish everyone here at the LAMLEY GROUP : ) a happy new year.

    UHHH, A, I'd also thank the customizer's advance for their customizing since throughout the year ; ), so yeah, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! : ) ( Why do I keep making these old silly happy face thingies!!!)

    -kitz::: Y@R6659302Juyewasder

  4. The AE86 transformation Starion is pure awesome craftsmanship. I hope HW's takes note for a production model. Lots of great work displayed here this year. Let's gear up for the next year for more great work to come!
    Thanks for the worthy effort you put out Lamley Group!

  5. Subtlety is key with that custom. It definitely sits lower, and i think that makes all the difference.
    Well done everyone, amazing! customs.

  6. I see. But that's all then? Ha, well then it needs more customizing. Lowering the car and also doing something else such as putting a spoiler on it, changing the wheels, or add some side skirts, or change the design, like you know the livery. You see these other car customizers like Madworks custom's Datsun with some decals on it. That's what else that's supposed to be there. Not just lowering the car but needs more detail.

    Plus, what I IMAGINE (only imagining) is that Daniel Hew would customize his Wheels Aston Martin one-77 (suiting himself if as he has one) with the ideas I had on my comment (yes this one, this comment).

    So, how's that I take one of the ideas? Huh!??? Can you beat me with some more ideas or is that all?

  7. We picked it as one of our favorite customs of the year. It might be a small change, but that was all that was needed. We LOVED it, and that is why we chose it among hundreds.

  8. Honoured that the 55 is the only hot rod amongst the sea of japanese/euro cars.

    Custom of the year for me was the Starion, by faaaar. At1ness' 240Z a close second, as there is so much more work in that car than the eye meets, and the end result clicks.

    And also several cars missing from the list. But congrats to those that did make it.

  9. I understand what you're getting at, Anonymous. Yes it's not a lot of work compared to most to of the others, but who's to say that more is always better? Last I checked, there are no rules to what we can and cannot add to our cars. I sure haven't found a rulebook on it. Have you?

    Yes, it's respectable that one can apply decals and fabricate extra body parts in a clean fashion. It's honestly great if someone can make functioning hinges and add weathering. It's definitely more work and more difficult to pull off than a simple lowering, I agree with you there, but let me ask you this: who said that was the only way to evaluate how “good” something is? Despite how low difficulty it is, you'd be surprised to know I've had several people ask me how I did it!

    The way I see it, there isn't only a single route to success as you seem to promote the idea of, and John is trying to communicate that message with this post.

    Lastly, the one that may reason better with your points, this blog post isn't a showcase of contest winners, they are the LamleyGroup's favourites. If they love it, they post it. Like I said myself, I too am surprised it made it in.

    Hope this provides insight to encourage diverse evaluation.

  10. Andy, you still need more customizing. Aren't some of my ideas giving you some better things about customizing.

  11. It's really not me to fuss about stuff like this because it's all a matter of personal preferences. A lot of these cars were quite impressive, which I totally understand why they made the list. Honestly however, others to me are just, meh. But like you said, it all depends on what yall were feeling the most, and I am quite content with that. If that's how you felt, then that is how you felt. To the customizers, it is really more about just sharing the work with others, rather than making the “custom of the year”.

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