Model of the (Holi)Day: 2012 Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX Super Treasure Hunt…

Happy Holidays everyone…

We are going to take a bit of time off for Christmas, but we will be back with streamers and party favors and such later this week, as it is time to announce and celebrate the Best and Worst of 2013.

You voted for yours, we selected ours, and it will all be out between the week of Christmas and New Year’s Day.

For now, we thought we would revisit last year’s Super Treasure Hunt and Reader’s Choice for Lamley Model of the Year, the spectacular Ferrari 599XX Super Treasure Hunt.

Without falling into the hyperbole trap, I think it is safe to say this is one of the best Super TH’s Hot Wheels has ever done.  Understated deco-wise, and sharp on all fronts.  The 599XX is also one of the best Ferrari castings Hot Wheels has done, based on stance, detail, and proportion.  It was a perfect choice for a Super, and when you put it together with the four Speed Machines versions, you have a fantastic little collection.

So enjoy the pics, not only of the Super, but of all other versions, and a little bonus pictorial of the Zamac Speed Machines version, which is actually our favorite of them all.

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2012 Hot Wheels Ferrari 599XX Super Treasure Hunt:

The family:

Speed Machines red

Speed Machines yellow

Speed Machines black

Speed Machines Zamac

2012 MC5

2012 OH5

2012 Super TH

The spectacular Zamac Speed Machines:

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