First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch A…

Well, not all of Batch A.  We already featured the gem of this batch, the Simon & Simon Dodge Macho Power Wagon, but it is so cool we will show it again:

A model like this, especially as a new model, will surely upstage the others in the batch, and that is what the Power Wagon has done.  At least here at Lamley.  As popular as the cartoon and other fantasy models are, they don’t float any boats around here.

But that is our problem.  We don’t fault anyone for liking them, nor do we fault Mattel for taking advantage.  These cartoon models have been hugely popular, and they will surely continue.  So while this batch was all about the Power Wagon, and to a much lesser extent, Dom’s Challenger, we had better show all the models.  So here we go.

(And don’t forget you can snag all these models at Wheel Collectorsincluding the back-by-popular-demand Power Wagon as an extended Lamley Deal of the Week…)

We start with the Flintmobile.  It might be slightly more detailed than last year’s new model, but I don’t know because I don’t have one to compare.  So we will compare it to the 2014 mainline version:

In case you were wondering, it does have Real Riders.  (Customizers, I am sure there is something fun you can do with those tires.)

Next, Dom’s Challenger from Fast Five.  Not much different from the F&F exclusive from last year, outside of the Real Riders, which look very nice here:

Herbie.  This…casting…has…got…to…go…

Our proposal?  Give Herbie to Matchbox, which has done a far better classic Beetle casting:

Or, even better, take advantage of the SUPERB New Beetle casting from 2012, and make a modern Herbie.  The New Beetle casting is already sadly underused, and it is one of Hot Wheels’ best made in the last couple of years:

Lastly, the Enterprise.  I don’t have a model to compare, but it does appear to be more detailed.  It is still half plastic:

12 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch A…”

  1. Man, that's a nice Macho Power Wagon. It's pretty catching myself to getting this one when it hits stores. Nah, I don't like eBay, it's expensive there. I'm just getting some of these at Wal-Mart.

    Also the Fast & Furious- Fast 5 Challenger. I don't know why Hot Wheels took out the Dodge Challenger's “Hemi” decal out. Since I have the Challenger (I actually mention the 2013 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious line), I think I will get this awesome Dodge muscle car even when it lost it's “Hemi” decal is gone.

    And that Volkswagen, I like the comparisons and the herbie version. I like it, but what the heck what am I supposed to do with the grey roof? And the color? Tan creame isn't a nice color for that Volkswagen. It makes it really ugly.

    And the Flintmobile and the Enterprise. Nah, I only collect normal cars. Not objects that don't look like any car.

    That's it for now… Merry Christmas, nice post too. : )

  2. You're joking right? Herbie sports a gray canvas sun roof, which is why you have one on that beetle. Also the white cream color is what color Herbie is actually painted. Doesn't matter if you think it's ugly, it's what color the car is SUPPOSED to be. 9_9

  3. “Herbie. This…casting…has…got…to…go…”

    Agreed…or at LEAST retool it. They can do THAT because they retooled that casting into a convertible once already. Clean it up, make the back window bigger, mod the engine lid, move the tail lights up and add the turn signals to the front fenders and make the rear wheel well opening smaller and it would be passable…or do what you suggested and use the Matchbox 62 beetle casting which is already 90% THERE. I would also like to see SOMEONE attempt to add the double bar bumpers that is SUPPOSED to be on that car at 1:64 scale. Only company to attempt it so far as I can see is Revell.

  4. Nop. Not even joking. Well I'll say the color isn't ugly anymore, but let me explain it a little more. I actually say that I DON'T LIKE the color. And well, it's just a little bit ugly, but it's the color I don't like, so that's what I'm talking about. Do you get it now?

  5. I agree fully with what Straker and Lamley have said “This…casting…has…got…to…go…”

    In my opinion this casting should have never been used for Herbie period and here is why in my opinion:

    1. Herbie is not an oval window VW. this is just insulting!!
    2. Mattel releases a mainline with no sunroof. YES no sunroof…last i checked Herbie always has had a sunroof
    3. For four bucks you get the same casting. The extra $ covers the sunroof tampo that should have been there from the start and some non fitting real riders. that rear wheel gap is terrible.
    4. They got real lazy on the card with this one. They used the same image from the mainline which in itself is nice. But come on they just reused it and then threw on the stripes and logo.It probably took some intern 5 minutes to throw it together. How about some nice artwork depicting a scene from the movie or a nice image from the movie for crying out loud.

    I have been collecting Hot wheels for many years now. With the good (all the JDM goodness) comes the bad as well. I have been a Love Bug fan since i was old enough to watch movies. When i heard about this marriage between Hot Wheels and The Love Bug i couldn't wait. But low and behold Mattel short changed us fans by sending out this trash.

    Again referring back to Lamley and Straker they are again right on the money. If Mattel had thought for a second they would have found the ideal casting to use in their Matchbox lineup. Despite the single bar bumpers this lends itself nicely to a Herbie casting. Here is my the custom i did a few years ago. Correct number fonts as well 🙂


    Sorry for the ranting just wanted to get that out of my system 🙂

  6. I might end up getting the Power Wagon, even though it is a monster truck.

    Why aren't the front and rear rollers made of stone, instead of diecast? Real Riders make no sense on a car that doesn't even have tires.

    The Challenger looks great, although I wish the front and rear wheels were the same size.

    I agree with you on Herbie. Matchbox should have had their Beetle with a Herbie design. The wheels are way too wide for the car, and I dislike the fact that the front and rear wheels are of different size.

  7. Oh I get it, I just don't agree with it. Ugly or not, like it or not, it's what color Herbie should be. Maybe the mainline car is what you'd really want as it's straight white with no sunroof.

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