First Look (and Variation Alert): Hot Wheels Honda S2000 Multipack Exclusive with PR5 and 10sp wheels…

We hinted at this one yesterday, and since have done a little looking around.

We are not 100% sure, but this new version of the Honda S2000 appears to be a multipack exclusive. We found it in a multipack, and there is no hint out there that it is slated for the mainline.  Plus, it sports the same tampo prints as the 2011 New Models version.  Granted, it is plain with front and rear detailing, but we are almost positive that if this were a mainline release, it would have side graphics.

So let’s run with it being a multipack exclusive.

And we are cool with that, because the more interesting tidbit is that there is already a wheel variation on this one.  We haven’t seen a lot of these in multipacks, but from what we have seen, PR5’s are the common wheel, but look for a 10sp version as well.  We want to hear what you find, so we can determine how rare the 10sp will be, if at all.

We have already discussed our happiness with multipack models extending previous tampo designs on models we like, so let’s just say this Honda surely falls into that category.  It is a pleasant surprise to see it, and becomes another version of a model that hasn’t produced a dud yet…

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Hot Wheels Honda S2000 (2014 Multipack Exclusive):



4 Replies to “First Look (and Variation Alert): Hot Wheels Honda S2000 Multipack Exclusive with PR5 and 10sp wheels…”

  1. I think I prefer both wheel variations. But my favorite is the 10sp. Yes it's better than just PR5's but the better one is the 10sp. The 10sp version gives a sharp claw style.

    And the PR5's look cool also. I bet the PR5's don't seem that stunning, but it also does give the sharp claw.

    And then t***** (tempos, ugh)!!!

    But anyways, I would really like to see your “First Look” on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento from the Hot Wheels D* case.

    That's it for now. Hope ya'll do another excellent post this afternoon.

  2. Is it me or do the two differ in colors as well? Because the PR5 appears to be a dull, bronze-ish red while the 10sp is a brighter metallic red. All I know is that I want one. Be it the PR5 or the 10sp.

    – Black Wind.

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