First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels 2013 SRT Viper…

Another model from 2014 Batch D just hitting the pegs, and it is nice to see the SRT Viper back.

The 2013 Viper was a surprise favorite from the Hot Wheels line in 2012, and we finally get another color after the New York Auto Show exclusive and mainline debut.

We won’t bore you with a lot of text, but this one looks great in yellow, with a fang-like center stripe. It still cannot compare to the fantastic New York Auto Show exclusive, with its front and rear detailing, but we will take it.

Find the 2014 version here, and the New York Auto Show exclusive here…)

Hot Wheels 2013 SRT Viper (2014 Mainline):

2012 New York Auto Show Exclusive:

2012 New Models:

7 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels 2013 SRT Viper…”

  1. Where's the “First Look” on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento? You should do it soon.

    Anyways, this is what's catching my mind. I really like the color and the wheels. I'm not joking of mattel not putting their awesome cars with full t***** (tempos). I really wanted to see the rear t***** (tempos) so tat you would compare it with the 2014 Corvette Stingray Hot Wheels. Corvette vs. Viper! But this version of the Viper is giving me an awesome look. 2014 is way better than 2013. And it's similar to the 2012 mainline of Hot wheels. It ain't 2013, wiki thinks the 2014 Hot Wheels mainline is similar to 2013. Well, maybe a little bit similar to 2013 and 2012. No Viper or Corvette ZO6 in the 2013 mainline. 2012 new models used for 2014 and not 2012.

    Speaking of the that, I think I'll get 5 of these to give to some other collectors I know.

  2. The detailing is really not a big issue as long as you have some ultra-fine point Sharpies, you can just simply finish the details using them (and of course with a very steady hand).

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