2013 Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Matchbox New Model in 2013?

Let’s shift gears just a bit.  After several weeks of Hot Wheels polls, let’s head across the hall to the orange brand…

A few years ago, before the Lamley Group idea was conceived, I ran a goofy little poll at the end of the year on several Matchbox Forums asking what was the Best New Model of that year.  I did it four times, and I think collectors enjoyed participating.  It was those polls that led us to start the Lamley Awards, which are now in their second year.

So after sadly skipping 2012, it is time to pick the Best Matchbox Model of 2013.

No need to review the year when it comes to Matchbox.  There were a lot of strong opinions about what new models were released this year.  From a collector perspective, there were a lot of duds, but a few gems as well.  At least the number of collector-aimed models was higher in 2013 than in 2012.

So it is now time to pick the collector’s favorite.  Take a look below to see all the Matchbox new models released in 2013, and vote in the sidebar to your right, or follow this link:


What model will join the prestigious ranks of Best Matchbox New Model?

In case you are wondering, the previous winners:

2008 – Pierce Dash Fire Engine

2009 – Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser Wagon

2010 – Holden Ute

2011 – Aston Martin DBS Volante

2012 – Maybe the Seagrave, maybe the Buick.  We never voted.

2013 – Let’s figure it out…

To refresh your memory, here are all the Matchbox New Models for 2013 (thanks to our friend Nicholas from the MCCH Catalog for letting us use his photos for the models we didn’t have available to photograph):

MB846 Dodge Charger Pursuit

MB862 1966 Dodge A100 Pickup

MB863 Vantom

MB864 International Scout 4×4

MB865 Torque Titan

MB866 Flame Smasher

MB867 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Police

MB881 Blaze Blitzer

MB882 All-Terrain Crane

MB883 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34

MB884 Dump Dozer

MB885 Renault Master Ambulance

MB886 Ground Grinder

MB887 Two-Story Bus

MB888 International MXT-MVA

MB889 Food Truck

MB890 Amphi Flyer

MB891 Deep Diver

MB893 BMW 1M

MB894 Turn Tamer

MB895 Road Raider

MB897 Blaze Buster

MB898 Whiplash

MB899 Questor

MB900 MBX Coupe

19 Replies to “2013 Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Matchbox New Model in 2013?”

  1. Me? I voted for the 2012 Dodge Charger Pursuit (I don't really care about the tempos as long as the Dodge Charger is my favorite car), the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 POLIZA (police), Two-Story bus, International MXT-MVA, and the BMW 1M.

    But what my favorite model of the 2013 Matchbox new model is… hmm… what do you think John? It is……….

    BMW 1M!!! Because its t***** is there.

    T***** means tempos.

  2. You want me to choose between the A100 and the Type 34? Well. . . Type 34 then.

    I think there should be a separate poll for the generics, because there a lot of really good generics this year.

  3. My mind is split in two: the collector oriented side & the emergency responder side so it's hard for me to say which side to vote for.

    on the collectors side it's a tie between MB883 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Type 34 & MB862 1966 Dodge A100 Pickup. Both being very beautiful models.

    on the emergency responders side it's also another tie between MB885 Renault Master Ambulance & MB846 Dodge Charger Pursuit. I find this a very hard choice since i'm more of a fire engine collector but given the 3 matchbox gave us this year i'm leaning more toward the ambulance. Even if it is almost all plastic (only the base being metal) I was quite surprised by the amount of detail done to the interior.

    I think there should also be a worst category too: my vote THAT PLASTIC BLOB THE DUMP DOZER!

  4. Lots of high points and low points this year. I, like many were torn between the VW Type 34 and the Dodge A100, though I had to choose the A100, it is perfect and I can't wait to see future colors.

    I also agree with comments above that the Renault Ambulance is a fantastic model even if it let down some by being a plastic body, it certainly doesn't have the same look and feel but the detail, accuracy, and especially the livery on the 60th version are great!

  5. The Dodge A100 is beautiful as is the VW Type 34, but the fact that the T34 is so unheard of, so rare, and VW only built a handful of the T34 Cabriolets? My vote goes to the T34 this year.

  6. There is only three that I like: the Gallardo, the T34, and the BMW 1M. There might always be something for everybody, because as I say, different paper for different asses. However, it was slim pickings for me this year, so that made my choices that much easier.

  7. I say we settle this with a real world race… A100 with a 3 on the tree vs. 1M with it's 6 speed!

    Wait, perhaps safety should be our decider, settling it with a proper front end crash test? Hmm also futile…

    Well, mechanically the 1M may be light years ahead of the A100… and while the 1M is only fractions away (in the current voting & my opinion) somehow the design of the A100 still gets my vote! 🙂

  8. Sorry, I'm not voting. I don't think Mattel deserves any accolades this year. Each new casting is cost reduced or compromised in at least one area. I'm not impressed with anything Mattel is producing these days. They are a poor excuse for a toy company.

    Honestly, there will be marketing case studies done in the future on how Mattel took a world renowned toy brand in Matchbox and trashed it through not understanding the brand's heritage, or its customers.

  9. I chose the 1966 Dodge Pickup. Great choice to add to the line. I don't think I ever saw one until I saw the Matchbox model.

    As for Worst it has to be the Blaze Blaster. It should really be called the Two Story Fire Truck. Nice fire truck but way over the top wheels.

    As for Most Innovative my choice would be the Deep Diver. Great thinking outside the proverbial box. But they need to think of something to do with it. Maybe create other undersea vehicles to go with it and provide more play value. Maybe include it in a future Mission Force set. Possibly flatbed or trailer for transport. Could even do a helicopter transport.


  10. I too think there should be separate polls for licensed and generics, and any Matchbox with a plastic body is junk in my opinion… I voted for the Blaze Blitzer. It's a realistic looking model with high play value… I also vote for more authentic wheels across the board. These toy-like wheels on most of the lineup have no substance, and can kill a good casting.

    Full Flaps! on HobbyTalk and DieCast SpeedZone

  11. It came down to three pretty easily for me: The A100, the Charger Pursuit, annd the BMW 1M. Franky, I'd be happy to see ANY them turn upn my area! None so far. Most of the others, including the much-anticipated Karmann-Ghia Type 34 are all over the place, but not the three I most wanted. From the photos I've seen and personal preference for older vehicles, my vote went (very narrowly, because of insuffnt markings) to the A100. They did a great job on all three.

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