Lamley News: Hot Wheels 2014 Batch D is already out…

This is a surprise.

On the heels of Batch C just hitting, it looks like Hot Wheels Batch D is now out.  HWC member creepsterz posted the photo above a little while ago, and it looks like the batches are hitting ebay as well.

Here is what we have seen on ebay:

2014 Lambo Sesto, Celica, and Mustang…

2014 Flintmobile, Brazilian Charger, and Speedbox Hunt…

Hot Wheels 2014 D Case

We will post more as we find it…

11 Replies to “Lamley News: Hot Wheels 2014 Batch D is already out…”

  1. That Lambo is really stunning. But where are the taillights mattel?

    Anyways John, you should do a “First Look” on the Lambo.

    And speaking of the “First Look” on the Lambo, I would really like to see a recolor from mattel release a matte black color and the red wheels and triangle things. AND THE TAILIGHTS! And I m gonna collect the ones I really like from case D, including the 70' Celica, and the others.

  2. Andy, I said that on my comment below, so actually you didn't need to reply back on the comment above. Some people will agree by reply like you should have replied instead of the comment above. Plus I said that I would really would like to see the black and red version on it later in the future. So you should have agreed on my comment below.

  3. Oh, I forgot, I'm, a different Anonymous commenter, I would like people calling my profile AnoymouseXcollector because I can't connect with the name\URL.

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