Just Unveiled: Card art on the Hot Wheels RLC BRE Datsun 510, plus an opportunity to get a very limited autographed version…

We have a bit of news to pass on about one of our most highly anticipated models, the Hot Wheels RLC BRE Datsun 510.  Those of us who were lucky enough to reserve one or two awhile ago have to wait until January for the model to arrive, and from what we have seen it will be a beauty.  Until then, here are a couple of tidbits to whet your appetite.

First off, thanks to Lamley friend Bill who sent us a link, we now can see what the artwork on the blister card looks like, and it does not disappoint in the least:

The art on the front is stunning, while the write-up and photo on the back highlight exactly the significance of this car.  This one will be a hard one to open (but we still will).

Maybe the more interesting tidbit is where this photo came from.  It came from the Brock Racing Enterprises website.  Why?  Well, for one, BRE had to grant permission to use this livery, and sign off on the design once it was done.  When Hot Wheels works with a specific licensor, they are usually nice enough to send a few examples to that group or company.  Even though this is an RLC model, BRE will be getting a few.

And the cool thing?  They will make them available to the public, until they sell out.  And they have gone even further by having Peter Brock and John Morton (who raced the car) sign each one.  That means right now you have the ability to buy the RLC Datsun 510, but actually get one of possible 100 that is signed by the two primary figure.

If you are curious about what to do to get one, just follow the link:

BRE Datsun 510 Hot Wheels RLC offer

If you get one, let us know.  We would love to see such a cool collector’s item.

Until then we will continue to try to be patient…

4 Replies to “Just Unveiled: Card art on the Hot Wheels RLC BRE Datsun 510, plus an opportunity to get a very limited autographed version…”

  1. Already ordered 2 from RLC…But man oh man do I want the signed version…but for $100?…no…thanks…I will hold on to my 2 from RLC and hopefully catch John in some car show in the future…Still happy that they are doing this for collectors and BRE gas-heads, and I am sure it's gonna sold out as well 🙂 thanks for the info, lamley

  2. There only going to sell on limited to 100 signed by Peter Brock and John Morton. Its going to be hard to get it signed. Never got a chance to get a chance to buy the RLC cuz Im not a member and it sold out quick. Im sure this will 3x the value compare to the regular RLC once. I could only afford one at the time I ordered but I should have bought atleast 2 🙁 Hopefully they # this too.

  3. Sold out already. Bummer. The chance of getting both autographs ever again will be next to impossible. Both of these guys are over 75 now. Not a lot of opportunity I'd say. Off to eBay I guess…ha.

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