Huge Black Friday Sale at Wheel Collectors…

Just a heads up to take a few minutes to check out the Wheel Collectors store today.

Matt and the gang have put much of their inventory on sale for Black Friday, and there are deals galore.  Many new items, but a lot of hard-to-find old items as well.

Whether you need to fill some holes in your collection, or get some Disney Cars for the kids, there is a lot available.  Follow the link to check out their store:

Hot Wheels at Wheel Collectors

Matchbox at Wheel Collectors

Disney Cars at Wheel Collectors

Good luck…

5 Replies to “Huge Black Friday Sale at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. Sale my ass. Its their usual stuff for their usual overpriced price levels. People do yourself a favor and go to any of the online web stores.

  2. x2 Yep, their idea of sale is instead of charging 4 times the retail price they charge “only” 3 times the retail price.

  3. Friends I don't mind anyone expressing their opinion about how WC does their business, and what prices they set, but made-up slanderous comments are not appropriate here, no matter who they are about. I hate having to delete comments, but those I will.

  4. Today I bought a purple Matchbox Dodge Challenger. I have been looking for this one for long time, but finally I got it!

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