A Thanksgiving Treat: All the Lamley Custom Contest Police Car entries…

For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving…

Our family is going to continue our tradition of enjoying the holiday feast at a resort up near Park City, Utah later today, and we hope each of you has a wonderful holiday as well.  It is a great time to relax and take in the fall weather.  I personally stay as far away from the stores as I can, and that may be the most refreshing part of the whole weekend.

Nonetheless, we thought we would use the holiday to show some fantastic customs.  After we announced the winners of the Lamley Police Car Custom Contest, we promised to show all the submissions.  Where here they are, including the winning entries.  Enjoy looking at all the variety and talent in each of these creations.  We sure did, and it made picking winners extremely hard.

We have some ideas for a future contest, but we won’t roll those out until after the new year.  In the meantime, enjoy this batch of customs…

Christophe François

Ernest Li

Mozart G F Freire

Danny Vasquez

Miguel Lopez

tagashie custom

Mike Bisiak

Randy Schierling

John Noel Presto


Dennis Leung

daniel hew

allen hanzel conchas


Diablos Custom

Aaron Kwong

Joey Bergjord


Dr. Diecast

@13stan13 – Instagram

Dean Idris

Bruno Almeida

Jans Diecast Garage


Ricky So


Michael Alberto

hunter green

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