Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Speed Machines ’09 Audi TTS…

When we featured the latest version of the Matchbox Audi R8 a couple of days ago, we knew it reminded us of something.

Obviously, the main model it reminded us of was the previous blue version of the MB R8 that outside of a few things looks almost identical to the new version.  But there was one more model.  And it is a model that sadly has been underused by Hot Wheels.

That would be the Audi TTS, which was seen in three different colors in the now-defunct Speed Machines line.  We have it in blue, so we thought we would show it off.

Yes, this model has peg-warming potential in some areas, but just look at it.  It is really well done.  The lines are right, the stance tasty, and maybe the best replica of that signature Audi grill that we have seen in $1 diecast.  (Yeah, maybe not the greatest of compliments, but go with it.)

Actually, now that we look at it, maybe we don’t need another version.  The blue, red, and silver versions really can’t be topped.  Watch what you ask for, I guess.  Do we really need another version with an ill-placed pinstripe and wrong wheels?  Probably not, but this casting should get more of its due at some point.  It is really nice…

Plus, the real Audi TT still looks nice.  When the new Beetle was released years ago, the TT kind of upstaged it.  The TT is destined to be a classic someday.  Maybe the future will see a TT gathering in Moab the weekend after the Miata gathering.  It would deserve it.  While the first design of the TT is probably the more signature model, the newer TT design was a little more sporty, and it looks great as a Hot Wheels.

Underrated, right?

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Hot Wheels ’09 Audi TTS (2009 Speed Machines):

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Speed Machines ’09 Audi TTS…”

  1. this was a seriously underused casting by HW. they really did a fantastic job on it. i always hoped to see it in premium guise with some real riders, but it wasn't to be. perhaps in the future. you're right though, the colors it came in already were excellent.

  2. Kinda wish I got one back when the blue one was pegwarming all over the place. The reason I balked at getting one back then was the price; even the clearance ones at Wal-Mart was still too high for me.

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