First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7…

A little Mustang Boss-ish, wouldn’t you say?
No racing decals like the earlier versions, and I think the design is nice.  Variety, spice of life, blah blah blah.  You see it, you can tell me if you like it or not.  I really do.
My favorite?  It remains the Kroger Super Speeders exclusive in white.  JDM always looks snazzy in white, plus I can’t go against (name-drop alert!) my fellow Utahns at JDM Legends, whose logo graces the side.  Funny how that car is much more rare than the 2013 Treasure Hunt, yet sellers are still trying to pawn the TH off on ebay as super rare.  Actually, the market for the RX-7 TH is so saturated right now, maybe it is time to get one if you couldn’t find one on the pegs.
This one?  You can find it in gift packs now, or just wait for Batch D.  Keep the JDM coming Hot Wheels friends…
Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7 (2014 Mainline):

The family:

7 Replies to “First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Mazda RX-7…”

  1. The Mazda RX-7 is my favorite car both in real life and Hot Wheels so I'm very excited about this one.I have all the colors of the Mazda RX-7 and I plan on getting a few of this one to.

  2. Of course I see this version of the RX-7 looks really similar to the 2013 version of the Scion FR-S. Shouldn't you comparison it with Scion FR-S from the 2013 version?

  3. Thanks for the update! I have one of each, thanks to some nice person leaving a single TH RX7 behind at Target for me, I'll keep my eyes peeled for this next one!

    I'm surprised the Super Speeders one isn't going for more either, I bought the RX7, Camaro, Aventador, and a few others when they first appeared, then they were suddenly discounted and vanished a few weeks later at the select Kroger stores that seemed to have them.

  4. For some reason, the RX-7 is the most prolific TH I”ve ever seen. Found one, which is pretty normal for me. Don't have every TH this year, but I got most. Found a second one, gave it to my grandfather, who used to race a silver RX-7. Found a third one in a dump bin at Target, and after much deliberation decided to leave it on a peg for someone else to find.

  5.  Wish the market for the RX-7 TH was saturated in the UK, we didnt get P case for some reason, damn you person in charge of UK distribution…..damn you (shakes fist)

  6. Still havent received P or Q batch in South Africa! So unpredictable and it seems like hope is lost for 2013's BEST treasure hunt… the Rx7

  7. Pretty nice. My favorite RX-7 so far is the regular Treasure hunt, but this variation is creeping in at a very close second. Maybe the fact that the tampos have a lot of “Boss Mustang” going on about it.

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