Lamley Awards Poll: What was the WORST Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt in 2013?

We have voted on the BEST Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt, so now it is time for something a little more fun.

What was the WORST Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt in 2013?

There seems to be a lot of strong opinions on the regular TH’s.  Our thought?  That the regulars are for kids, and the Supers for collectors.

Look at it this way:  Typically (not always), most cases have one regular Treasure Hunt.  The castings vary quite a bit, from real cars to full-on fantasy cars.  Some collectors like, some they don’t.  To be honest, the variety of the regulars is far greater than the Supers.  BUT Mattel knows that collectors love their real cars, so they make the Supers harder to find, make them licensed models, and have them mirror a regular release.

So a collector knows what to look for when it comes to Supers, while a kid can still find everything to fill his checklist, without coming across a Super, and be surprised that a few of his or her finds are special.  Supers are known by real riders, spectra flame paint, and a little TH somewhere on the models.  Outside of the card art, there is nothing that signifies whether the model is a Super or not.  It is different on a regular.  There is a symbol, and that symbol is explained on the card if the model is opened.  It tells the lucky kid that they found something special.

So, if you haven’t figured it out…

Supers are for you, the collector.  SILLY RABBIT, REGULARS ARE FOR KIDS!!!

Hot Wheels mixes in the fantasy models because it hopes us collectors will leave them.  Maybe pick up one for our collections, but leave the others.  That is why we at Lamley LOVE the regular TH line.  We see collector after collector complain about these, completely oblivious to what their purpose is.  Both the collector and the kid (the real target) are acknowledged by Hot Wheels with the Super/Regular set-up.

MATTEL WANTS YOU TO DISLIKE THEM, SO YOU WILL LEAVE THEM!!  Then a kid will inadvertently pick one up, open it, find out it is special, and the little joy associated with that might move him or her in the direction of collecting.

We hope more and more collectors get this.  We never thought it important to spell it out, but after seeing the reaction to the Fangster TH this week, we thought we would share our thoughts.

So, do us all a favor, leave the Regulars on the pegs, and show Mattel that you get it by voting for your least favorite.  Mattel needs to know this is working…

Follow the link below to the poll, or just look to your top right on the screen to cast your vote:

As a reminder, here they are, in order of release:

Bread Box


’10 Camaro SS

Fast Fish

Circle Trucker

’64 Lincoln Continental Convertible

Sting Rod II

Prototype H-24

Custom ’77 Dodge Van

Dodge Challenger Drift Car

Ford Mustang GT Concept

Fire Eater

’12 Ford Fiesta

Mazda RX-7

Bad to the Blade

12 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the WORST Hot Wheels Regular Treasure Hunt in 2013?”

  1. Clearly the strategy is not working if collectors buy them, or if scalpers buy all of them and try to resell for unreasonably high $$ amounts.

  2. This is really hard. I only picked Bread Box because it is hardly any different that previous variants. I love all TH equally.

  3. Mustang GT Concept. The car itself doesn't look very good IMO and don't even get me started on that terrible paint scheme.

  4. I thnk the worst is the Conntinental. I love this car, but how could they paint it like that? Same goes for the van, it's the only one I don't have, the others aren't all that bad. All I hear on Instagram when a new one comes out is how ugly it is and why did they choose that car, and yet people buy every single one they find.

  5. Its not working, at least in my country where hardcore collectors are proudly completing the reg TH, heck I myself is having a hard time collecting all of them, I don't care if they look childish in design, I love some of them thats for sure especially the Dodge Challenger drift, Ford Fiesta. Carbonator, Mazda RX-7, 10 Camaro SS and Fast Fish

  6. I understand that everyone has their own taste, and I respect that for the most part…..however, it is quite a head-scratcher as to why anybody would choose the RX-7….that's arguably one of the few best-executed models.

  7. Carbonator. Someone at Mattel is having a good laugh knowing that collectors are having this one in their collections, all because of a little logo.

    I like your theory and agree with it. Only problem is that in Europe the explanation of the Hunt is not given, there is nothing on the card to make it special.

  8. The RX-7 is the only one I would possibly buy from these… And even then, when I had the chance, I didn't. Sjors has taken the right colour pill – it's a little logo – that doesn't make the vehicle magically become worth owning.

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