Matchbox Monday First Look: Blaze Blaster…

We figured we would give this new Matchbox model its own post, since it doesn’t fit the same theme as the three non-licensed cars that were also released in this batch.

Because it is a fire truck.  A bit of a funny looking fire truck, but a fire truck.  This is another model that I don’t think needs too much comment from us at Lamley.  We won’t collect it, but this is not a collector-oriented model anyway.  We will let the kids decide if this model is a success.  No need for us to decide.

Plus, collectors have their Pierce Dash Fire Engine.  The Pierce has been a collector fave since its debut a few years ago, and the Blaze Blaster isn’t taking its place.  It does look like the Blaster is loosely based on the Pierce, if the Pierce was putting out fires at a monster truck show.  I don’t think it would do too well in the forest, but we have the International Brush Fire Truck for that.

So here it is, along with more pics below alongside its possible inspiration.

Have at it, folks…

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Matchbox Blaze Blaster (2013 New Models):

5 Replies to “Matchbox Monday First Look: Blaze Blaster…”

  1. Finally someone shows the right side of the truck! The truck would be completely lost if the right side was a duplicate of the left. It would be further juniorized. I think the top half of the casting is fine. It's the fender flares digging into the body with the larger than needed tires that ruin it. The fender flares rob the rear doors of the cab. If it came with just the larger wheels I could live with that and learn to modify the truck with smaller tires. The fender flares can't be corrected when taking this model apart. I wish they weren't included in this casting. I was excited for a generic and hoped to get the high cab like on Hazzard Squad. I got it here. It's a shame those monster truck wheels came with this. I guess the model is to accompany the Ford F Brush Truck and the International Workstar.

  2. I finally got it. It was the most anticipated model for me this year even if it's ruined for me with the bottom. I bought the Desert Thunder from the same batch because the axle width looked to be the same. For the first time ever I customized a model. It was an amateur attempt at breaking the rivet but I got it off and put the smaller wheels of the Desert Thunder on the Blaze Blaster. I may buy two more to have the original in the monster truck wheels and one more to customize again. Is it worth the trouble to cut off the axles and grind them down to lower the lift on the truck?

  3. Hi there, it is really nice blog. I just get into this hobby. I am 33 years old male and can you please explain what does mean collector-oriented model. Because i have no idea what to buy or not. Today i bought this car and Tractor Plow and Mound Mover, I understand those are not collector-oriented models. Am I right or not. Thanks I really appreciate your help.Jake

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