Matchbox Monday First Look: 2013 New Models Turn Tamer, Whiplash, & MBX Coupe…

There will surely be some thoughts on these three, whether they get shared here or not…

Since these were announced a year-and-a-half ago at the 2012 Matchbox Gathering, collectors have looked at these with a bit (a lot) of trepidation.  It is one thing to do a non-licensed dump truck, it is a whole other thing to do a non-licensed car.  But that is what Matchbox has done with the Turn Tamer, Whiplash, and MBX Coupe.

The team at Matchbox has reiterated that while these models are debuting in the mainline, they will be seen more in playsets.   Having non-licensed vehicles available for playsets makes a lot of sense for Matchbox, as they don’t have to deal with outside licensors.  The set is what will sell, not the car inside.

So if I look at this from the perspective of the Matchbox team at Mattel, these models make perfect sense.   But this is a collector website, so let me try to look at it from that perspective.

As a collector, do I like these models?  Of course not.  But let’s be honest, as far as these models go, the Matchbox team doesn’t need my opinion.  The Dodge A100, T34 Karmann Ghia, and BMW 1M were aimed at me.  Not these.

So while I can get all bent out of shape that these three may have taken the place of three car castings in the 2013 lineup, I won’t.  Here they are, they will be put to use, and I will move on.  Plus, you can’t get me to complain coming off the release of the BMW 1M, one of my favorites from Matchbox in a long time.

So I doubt these will be featured here at Lamley anymore, so looking at them individually, here are my thoughts.  Of the three, I think I prefer the Turn Tamer.  Don’t know why, I just do.

Your thoughts?

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Matchbox Turn Tamer (2013 New Models):

Matchbox Whiplash (2013 New Models):

Matchbox MBX Coupe (2013 New Models):

24 Replies to “Matchbox Monday First Look: 2013 New Models Turn Tamer, Whiplash, & MBX Coupe…”

  1. I don't like made-up models, but the only ones here I like is the Turn Tamer. I really hate the MBX Coupe because of its side skirts and isn't sporty. Why can't Matchbox make it sporty and why can't they take of the side skirts? That is one sucky MBX coupe, besides, I'm really liking the Turn Tamer more than the MBX coupe.

    OK, the Whiplash, seriously? Where did this design come from? To me I think more details would have been added. DANG!
    But the Turn Tamer I like because its rear taillights TEMPOS (TEMPOS, TEMPOS, AND TEMPOS!).

    I'll see you Nigel and y'all!

  2. The good thing about these models is it keeps the shelves stocked so the employees never have to worry about restocking! And then voila, the new batches end up at Dollar Tree instead of the largest retailer in the world 9_9

  3. Us in the UK are getting US long cards in poundland so it shows how well the early batches are selling, but recently the off road stuff is clogging the pegs.

  4. I am an avid Matchbox collector and am even open to buying tastefully designed, realistic generics or whatever you'd like to call them. These however, no thanks, not in the least bit, or in any color or livery, for myself or as a gift for children. I had these in hand in the new 2014 gift pack at TRU in the US and was not impressed. If these all see 1 recolor and vanish… they will not be missed.

  5. 1. Crap
    2. Twice as crap than previous model.
    3. Are you serious to continue with these on 2014?… Crap!!

    Not buying MBX since this year, switched to other brands like Majorette, who is providing top quality superb REAL cars. Neither kids are buying MBX in my country (same batch hanging on the pegs since MARCH). Even Hot Wheels, is doing a great job: Datsun 620, Civic EF, Aston Martin DB5.

    So, please take your job seriously, or MBX will continue to decrease and decrease…

  6. I just don't get how Mattel thinks kids only like generics and crazy fantasy stuff or Off road stuff, they like all sorts, I bet most kids would like a lambo or Ferrari not a forgettable generic. If they killed the real vehicles sales would drop, if they got rid of the generics and the crazy stuff I doubt the would be any drop in sales.

  7. Do you mean Lagonda? Or do you mean if you squint down real hard and only look at the beltline upwards, you can kinda see the sillouette of a Virage? maybe?

  8. These SUCK!!!! Good wheel donors however. I do not agree that just because these are going to be mostly in sets that you make non-licensed cars…plus they DID debut in the 1-120.

    There is no sense to these in any argument.

  9. The Matchbox Coupe reminds me of the Lamborghini Urus.
    There's plenty of room for castings like these. Kids aren't adults and don't get bent out of shape if the car doesn't look like something they see every day.


  10. I actually like these. They're better looking than what Mattel puts out in the Hot Wheels line of “generics” These kinda remind me of some of the old school cars Matchbox used to do before being owned by Mattel.
    I agree with the person above, think there's room for cars like these, especially when they're this nice looking.

  11. I was a dedicated Matchbox collector who was collecting all models in the standard range. I thought at the time that this was a pretty cool thing to do. I could live with the generics, as they were mostly trucks and were largely good quality. And by good quality, I mean largely diecast. I stopped collecting the standard range when plastic bodied vehicles entered the line. This was a step too far for me. This is not what Matchbox was about as far as I'm concerned.

    These are a further step in the wrong direction. The only reason these exist is to save money. Not only are they unlicenced, they have also been designed to use the most minimal amount of diecast possible. This is completely wrong and is turning the Matchbox name into another byword for crap. That's all they are, cheap and nasty plastic toys. They have zero collectable value and will not be hunted or cherished by the majority of collectors.

    Matchbox is being driven into the ground by Mattel. What further proof do you need?

  12. They look nice, well two of them do. The problem is for all of them is the use of off-road wheels and flared fenders is overexaggerated! Not everything needs to be a rally car!

    As I mentioned in the ambassador report a few weeks ago (and hopefully the MBX team will take my advice) if they want to make generic sedan, coupes, roadster, trucks, etc, at least make them as realistic as possible without getting into copyright trouble. You can see in the Turn Tamer and MBX Coupe metal body is a very realistic and pleasing design…then the flared fenders and off-road wheels come in and ruin the pleasing shape.

    For example, wouldn't it be nice to see a generic luxury car that looks really close to the Rolls Royce Phantom, minus the off-road look?

  13. seriously , three of these cars gonna become brothers with terrain trouncer , and also the turn tamer kinda looks like the four door version of the terrain trouncer or mbx coupe and the whiplash kinda looks like mitsubishi eclipse by the front

  14. I'll most likely get the Turn Tamer and MBX Coupe if but for no other reason than that they remind me of one of my favorite Hot Wheels cars: the Toyota RSC.

    Of course, if the Jeep Wrangler Superlift, Rescue, or Compass should happen to be hanging alongside them at the shop, well, those three get bought first.

  15. Almost got the Turn Tamer, but saw a Caddy instead. But the MBX coupe looks like a Nissan Juke through a trash machine, or maybe they should change the paint job.

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