Lamley Deal of the Week: The elusive final batch of HW Flying Customs is on sale at Wheel Collectors, including the Texas Drive ‘Em, Nissan Skyline, and Chevy Chevette…

Popping in to give everyone a heads up on this week’s Lamley Deal of the Week at Wheel Collectors.

Matt and the folks at WC have discounted the final batch of Hot Wheels Flying Customs, which in our opinion was really the only great batch of the series.  And just like the final batch of Hot Wheels Racing the year before, the last batch is the hardest to find.

It has only made its way to smaller store chains in the US and other countries, as well as a few hobby dealers.  Wheel Collectors was one of those lucky dealers, and they are making these models available for cheap this week to Lamley readers.

Just follow the link to grab those models you have been after:

Lamley Deal of the Week

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