A Matter of Scale: Tomica Limited Vintage Suzuki Fronte SS360 and Hino KB324 Truck…

We have spent more than a few posts touting the amazing models of Tomica Limited Vintage.  True 1:64 models with amazing detail, and almost always more obscure than what we normally see in 1:64, and the majority are fantastically Japan-centric.

Today we show two that are very much Japanese, and are wonderfully detailed, but that is not why they are up today.  They are today’s Models of the Day to highlight TLV’s commitment to scale.

(But first, if you like what you see, or are interested in TLV in general, I highly suggest visiting the ebay store of Patocar out of Japan.  He is my favorite TLV seller on ebay, and the more you buy the more he is prone to discounting.  It never hurts to ask.)

I don’t now what the scale baseline was when TLV got started, but since then they want to see when one model sits next to another, the proportions are the same as when both real vehicles are sitting next to each other on the road.

So let’s start with the Hino KB324 Truck from the Tomica Limited Vintage Neo line;

It is hard not to go off on how fantastic this model is – all the detail, the structure, the great grey color – but I won’t.  Plus, the photos do all the talking here.

This is about scale, so let’s move on to the Suzuki Fronte SS3600:

The Fronte is what is known in Japan as a kei car.  Kei cars were so small they did not have to adhere to the tax laws and regulations that were put on their larger counterparts.  They have always been quite popular in Japan, although that is waning a bit presently.  But they remain a Japanese fixture.

So you get the Fronte is small.  How small?

Let’s put it next to a TLV Datsun Wagon, the size of which many should be able to relate to:

Better yet…

Let’s take some pics of the Fronte with a model you would be much more familiar with:

Yes, that is a standard Matchbox, and yes, that Suzuki is small.

So how would a real Suzuki Fronte kei car look sitting next to a real Hino Truck?

Exactly like the TLV Fronte does sitting next to the TLV Hino:

How great is that? 

That makes for different sized boxes to store the models as well:

The Tomica Limited Vintage and TLV-Neo lines are just fantastic, no matter how you look at them.  Do you see why we love collecting these?

5 Replies to “A Matter of Scale: Tomica Limited Vintage Suzuki Fronte SS360 and Hino KB324 Truck…”

  1. This is a great post!!! Fantastic photos… if it weren't for Hot Wheels and Matchbox only costing $1 it might not take much to convince me to abandon future 1:64 purchases outside of Tomica Limited Vintage.

    That Suzuki looks very accurately scaled, to those who weren't aware of its true size, it could be mistaken for a 1:87 scale. Looks great in the back of the flat bed. I may pickup that tiny model for myself. Now to wait and see if you obtain a whole fleet of these in different colors when the Tomica Limited Vintage car transporter comes out?!

  2. I Love TLV!… The prices are nuts, but then the quality is the best you'll find. I wish Tomica would utilize their talents to include cars outside of Japan, but the pure eclecticism is fantastic. Anyone who doesn't get it, just doesn't get it. Tomica Vintage Limiteds are what Matchbox should be, if Matchbox had an adult collectible line, and were not owned by Mattel.

    ~ Full Flaps! on HobbyTalk and DieCast SpeedZone

  3. WOW! Looks like the Hino is older than the Fronte. The Hino truck is 66 ears old and the Suzuki Fronte is the age of 7 years old haha.

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