Lamley News: Hot Wheels Holiday Rods are now out at Walmart…

Time to head to Walmart if you are a Mustang or Camaro fan.

The Holiday Rods have hit, and as usual they are exclusive to Walmart.  I came across them today in my travels and picked up a couple, the IROC Camaro and Laguna Seca Mustang.  The others stayed behind.

The best year remains 2011 (I think) when Hot Wheels have us the Cadillac CTS-V, Lambo Gallardo, Focus RS, and Datsun 240Z, but this isn’t a bad batch.  2 out of 8 isn’t bad.  
Look for Lamley First Looks on the Camaro and Mustang soon.  In the meantime, go find them at Walmart…

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  1. A spider car for Christmas. Really. Hot Wheels needs to rethink the true meaning of Christmas, then make them according to the Holiday. Not cool at all. Junk if you ask me.

  2. I agree 100 percent. For me the Mustang and Camaro are the only things worth getting. That's no disrespect to the folks who like the other stuff as well; it's just not for me.

    I also agree on the fact that 2011 was the best year, because not only was there more variety, but also more tasteful offerings at the same time. The Gallardo, the 240Z, and the CTS-V were my favorites. I still got my Gallardo.

  3. I agree about 2011 being one of the best years, at the time I picked up one CTS-V (should have bought 2!) and one Gallardo, and just recently found remaining 2011 vehicles at Ollie's Bargin Outlet (maybe it's just in the mid-west?) so got a Datsun 240Z and another of the Gallardo, how can you say no to any holiday specific car that was as clean and attractive as the near solid green Lamborghini.

    However I think this years are pretty cool too, while I'd only probably buy the Sandblaster, Mustang, and Camaro myself it's nice to think that maybe half (which is being generous) might end up hung from Christmas trees this season and used by kids in track sets and such, which would be near impossible if the lot was all real cars to be gobbled up by collectors.

    All that said, these are still going to be a pain to find for most people, I know for certain only 3-4 Walmart locations at best of the 10-12 in my metro area will receive them, and most will get raided by flea market resellers… so rather than hunt I think I'll leave obtaining these up to chance. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I feel you about the kids bro…..but in my neck of the woods we still had more than our share of the real cars from 2011, including the Datsun and the Gallardo. Those things sat for ages, at least for a good two months. Seems like most of our collectors never even bothered to cop those cars. Sometimes it depends on where you live, and what most of the collectors in that area are interested in, I guess.

  5. where are the actual Non Walmart cars I collect since 2004? These are called Holiday Rods and not cheaper Walmart Hot Rods?

  6. I stumbled upon this lot today at a Walmart in southern Ohio… First store of 4-ish to have them. Just a heads up, the 'sidekick' they're in is a dark red color, not the usual blue that stands out more so you know what to look for.

    I wasn't certain if I'd buy any of these but in hand the colors and design actually looked very nice on the Mustang, Sandblaster, and even the Camaro with it's Christmas Green w/red stripes; an otherwise unacceptable color combination. Of 6 Sandblasters only 1 reached the store intact, the others were either flipped or had the rear roll-cage loose. An interesting observation about the Sandblaster, the casting changed for the K-days regular to a fixed roll cage; eliminating the plastic piece that often comes loose, yet this one is back to the original, perhaps the Holiday Rods were made first and this will be the last sighting of this exact casting in the regular line w/its additional 'small parts' warning on the card front.

    For those seeking the Camaro, it had the best, most detailed printing of all, unlike the Mustang with no rear tampo, and Sandblaster with no front tampo, it has fully painted true to life tail lights, and the inset headlights are painted silver!

    Cost each in store: $2.17

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