First Look: All the Hot Wheels First-to-Market & Exclusive Colors from last week’s Kdays…

I want one of those mail-in Drag Buses (maybe two).  Which means I have to open some cars in order to have some card backs to mail in.  Which means I have a lot of loose models.  Which means a few of those models are new.  Which means I can easily photograph them.

Which means I did.

The First-to-Markets:

Kool Kombi

Toyota AE86

The Exclusives:

Ford Galaxie

Dodge Challenger

Nissan Titan

Cadillac CTS-V

Yes, we forgot to get the First-to-Market Chevy Silverado.  Oops.  Instead enjoy pics of the reg and Super Sandblaster…

7 Replies to “First Look: All the Hot Wheels First-to-Market & Exclusive Colors from last week’s Kdays…”

  1. Yep, the TH Sandblaster is actually the same casting as all the regular Sandblaster variants that came before it; with a separate plastic roll cage, however it was commonly loose in the blister which clearly Hot Wheels was aware of given the additional 'small parts' warning on the Sandblaster card; the 2 TH Sandblasters at the Collector Day Event that were found at the store I visited had it loose atop the truck too. I imagine they integrated it to make the model 'safer' for kids?

  2. I'm personally mailing in for 2 of the VW Drag Bus myself and I rarely find the mail-in models and their paint jobs interesting enough to do so. Opening 40 models was a lot of work the other day! This included 3 Kool Kombi's, 8 Curiosity/Mars Rovers, and just about 1 of every other model at the event, I was unimpressed by the Kmart exclusives as most have been lately but grabbed 2 CTS-V sedans and 1 Challenger.

    I also opened 5 Corolla AE-86's and will be looking for a home for 3-4 of them! Interesting that the AE-86 card back says it's part of the 'Then & Now' series. I am very curious what the 'Now' will be?

  3. I don't know what the fascination is with the Drag Bus. Personally I think it's kinda ugly, I'm only getting it so I have all four mail-ins. I really didn't care for the exclusives either, I grabbed a couple Nissans, the Kombis were all snatched up by the time my ticket number was called.

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