Just Unveiled: New Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect at SEMA…

This week the auto world is in Las Vegas for the SEMA show, and once again Hot Wheels has made its presence known.  They have joined forces with Ford to help the oval spruce up its Transit Connect.  You can read about it here.

Soon after pulling the cover off the real Transit Connect, look what else unsurprisingly appeared:

How great is that?  The Transit Connect as a new Hot Wheels model, along with a Matchbox-esque trailer carrying an exclusive version of the recently released Rip Rod.  While these castings may not excite us individually, this may be one of the coolest exclusive giveaways Hot Wheels has ever done.

We haven’t seen packaging, and we have no idea if we will see a similar version of the Transit Connect in the mainline (we think we will, but it is just a guess), but we know this set is being given away.  But you have to earn it.  From what I have heard from a friend attending the show, SEMA attendees must wait in line for a shot to win one via a slot machine.  He told us he waited in line for 20 minutes and didn’t see a single winner.  I guess we wait and see what others report…

8 Replies to “Just Unveiled: New Hot Wheels Ford Transit Connect at SEMA…”

  1. Get rid of those exhaust pipe looking things on the roof, and the other “tuned” stuff and it will be a perfect model. Again, why can't Matchbox make this one, as it seems that they always try to keep it stock. Plus, they made this last generation of the Transit Connect.

  2. First the Aston Martin and now a Ford Transit? Mattel isn't being subtle about their feelings towards the Matchbox brand…

  3. The Aston Martin, to me, isn't the big deal. The Transit, really should have been a Matchbox model, and not this hot-rodded thing. In an Ambassador's Report, it was said that Matchbox can not produce racing vehicles. In a more recent one, I posted a question to the Ambassador asking why Matchbox can't do racing, but Hot Wheels can produce everyday and emergency vehicles. Still waiting for a response back on that one.

  4. DUH, everybody's talking too much of this Transit Connect to also be in matchbox. How is the design going to be? I bet it'll be REALLY ugly in some types of wheels. Hot Wheels makes some wheels that makes the Transit Connect a good and better design.

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