Lamley News: Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch D has been released…

It took awhile, but there is finally a new batch of Cool Classics from Hot Wheels…

Our friends at Wheel Collectors have let us know that they just took shipment of Cool Classics D Cases, and the models are up at their ebay store.  You can follow the link below to see all the models in the batch:

Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch D

I think our mind is made up on these, and our conclusion?  That we will never make up our mind.  They remain a disappointment compared to 2013 Boulevard, and the model choices are not down the Lamley alley.  But they are wonderfully executed, meticulously decorated, and always stunning in photos.

They seem to be hanging out a bit on the pegs, so it appears the jury is still out from a consumer perspective.

What do you think?  And do you like the new batch?

7 Replies to “Lamley News: Hot Wheels Cool Classics Batch D has been released…”

  1. I actually like the wheels! Not so much the cars themselves. I'm kinda fed up with muscle cars! Another point is that just recolors do not attract me anymore

  2. I bought two, the Daytona Coupe and the VW Bug. I love the color of the bug but F— wish it was a more normal VW Bug and The Daytona Coupe would look so much better with a more normal wheel in the back. However, I actually kept the receipt because I honestly don't know if I want to keep them or not. Some days I'm like nay I should return them (still in the package) and others I look at the colors and just go damn that paint looks good. The last batch just needs to be all old school Japanese cars.

  3. Hadn't really been aware of these before, but I picked up the Daytona Coupe the other day and it really is a beautiful paint job. In this batch, the Chevelle is the only one that really interests me, as I buy pretty much every Chevelle I see. Honestly though, it's not as cool as the either the Mooneyes wagons or the amazing new '70 Chevelle.

  4. The only ones I've seen is from A mix and most of them were Turbo Mustang and the tricycle(forget it's name) I like them, but fot the price they are I'm only getting a couple of them.

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