Announcing this week’s Lamley Deal of the Week and the Halloween Sale at Wheel Collectors…

Just a quick pop-in to let you know that there are two sales going on over at the Wheel Collectors shop this week.

The first is our regular Lamley Deal of the Week, and this week there are a few goodies priced very low, like the HW Retro Entertainment Back to the Future Time Machine and one of our favorite Matchbox models of 2013, the 60th Anniversary Aston Martin DBS.

Follow the link to see what else is available:

Lamley Deal of the Week

But that isn’t all.  To celebrate Halloween, Wheel Collectors has decided to discount a large number of their listings.  As you peruse their store, you will find many items have been discounted up to 25% off.  Follow the link, search for your favorites, and see what deals you might be able to get.

Just follow the link:

Wheel Collectors eBay Store

Have fun…

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