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Just Unveiled: Kyosho 1:64 Lamborghini Veneno…

For those of you who missed out on the real Lamborghini Veneno (and that must be most of you considering only three were made.  Oh, and it cost $4 million, but who’s counting?), good news!  Kyosho is making a mini version available this coming December.

Kyosho has just released the first images of their three Venenos, all mini versions of the three that were made, and in typical Kyosho fashion they look just about perfect:

This will not be part of a set, just a 3-car set released on its own, with a target date of December 3rd of this year.  We highly suggest to keep tabs at the Daboxtoys store and on their Facebook page to make sure you know when it goes on sale, because this will sell out before you can say “Ve-ne-no”…


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