First Look: The Hot Wheels "non-exclusives" everyone will be after at Kdays – Herbie, the Mars Rover, and the Mystery Machine…

Yesterday we previewed the exclusives and first-to-market models that will be in the Kmart exclusive cases at the Hot Wheels event this coming Saturday.  That is always a reason to go, but there are three models that will be at the top of many collector’s lists.

Not that we necessarily agree with them.  Stocking up on the Aston DB5, ’92 E30 M3, the Mad Manga, and the first-to-market AE86 is the main reason we want to be there, and based on what we have seen in the past, that shouldn’t be hard.  At least around here, those four models will be tossed aside while collectors grovel for the Treasure Hunts and other perceived hard-to-find models.  And that makes things great for us who enjoy the hobby from more of a gearhead perspective.

So consider this a post to build that hype.  We know many don’t read what is typed here, so those that are reading can enjoy a little chuckle and help build the hype that the three models here are must-haves and MUST be hoarded.

So, here we go, in bold writing, which people who don’t read the rest here will see:

OMG I can’t wait to get these three!!  I am going to get as many as I can!!  These are going to be so hard to find!!


Now the truth:

The Herbie is an interesting curiosity, but more of a cool deco on a very old casting.  While not correct, I think I would have preferred the Herbie release to be on the new Beetle, which was one of the more surprising gems of the 2012 lineup.  This classic Beetle is a holdover from another time at Hot Wheels.  Accuracy was not as important, and the casting looks a bit worn.  I actually don’t mind the stance, just the quality of the casting.  You can never go wrong with a classic Beetle in the lineup, so maybe it is time to create a new one from scratch.

The Mystery Machine?  I can see why this is a popular model, but not here.  In fact, a few have asked us to take pics of this new 2014 Mystery Machine next to the 2012 version.  If we could, we would.  But we can’t.  We don’t have any of the 2012 issue to use for a comparison.  We got rid of the one we had, and have kept everyone we have seen since in the store.  That probably sums up our opinion about the Mystery Machine.  Others can hoard it, and we will let them.

(By the way, from what we can tell, the only difference is the wheels. 5-spokes on the 2014 version, J5’s on the 2012.  If anyone notices another difference, be sure to let us know.)

The Mars Rover?  This is the one of the three we can get behind.  Yeah, not something based on a car we like, but it is nice to have a replica of a historical vehicle.  We loved the Mars Rover Curiosity when it was released in 2012, and we love this version as well.  Not much in terms of differences.  The wheels are now reddish-brown, to obviously show the years of the productivity the little robot that could has had wandering the red planet.  We really like this one, and might get another at Kdays (if we are lucky enough to draw a case) to enjoy in the carded collection.

So to sum:

Herbie – no-brainer for Hot Wheels, wrong casting.
Mystery Machine – great execution on a model we care nothing about.
Mars Rover Curiosity – awesome, but the hoarders can have it while we try to sneak away with a few more Astons and E30s.

We won’t fault you if you want a couple, but don’t get too hyped up.  Go look at those 13 Jetsons cars you have over by your desk.  Glad you have them?  Was it totally worth grabbing up all you can find?  If it was, enjoy Kdays.  This one’s for you…

(If you won’t be at Kdays, and still want these three, you can find them and the rest of 2014 Batch B at Wheel Collectors…)

Hot Wheels Herbie the Love Bug:

Hot Wheels Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine:

Hot Wheels Mars Rover Curiosity:

7 Replies to “First Look: The Hot Wheels "non-exclusives" everyone will be after at Kdays – Herbie, the Mars Rover, and the Mystery Machine…”

  1. Even though I'm not to crazy about the Mystery Machine, the 5-Spoke wheels look A LOT better that the J5's on the 2012 version.

  2. “I am going to get as many as I can!!” Really?! why do you need more than two? (one to open and one for MOC) it's collectors like that and scalpers that make Hot Wheels collecting that much less fun. I hate when people get every single one of certain models the second that they hit the pegs, not allowing other people to get any, forcing us who aren't able to be at walmart or k-mart when the cases are opened, to look for them at STUPID prices on the internet.

  3. FYI, I just opened my K-Day case that I ordered on-line and found 1 Mars Rover, but it had black wheels instead of reddish-brown. Variation?

  4. I found four cases worth of car on the pegs at a Target north of Adelaide. Three of the had black wheels E36 2453N and only one had brownish wheels E37 2523N.

  5. I will grab each and every one of these 3 We come across,Nothing better then a throw back RAOK in your trade to touch another collectors heart,

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