Model of the Day: Matchbox Battle Mission 5-pack 1957 GMC Pickup…

Yeah, this has been around for a bit, but it is worth a look.

Matchbox 5-packs (actually, all Mattel 5-packs) have not been high on the purchase list of late.  I purchased an Exotics 5-pack earlier this year, plus a couple from Hot Wheels, but that is about it.  Not a complaint, mind you.  5-packs are all about attracting the kids, so bright colors and exaggerated models prevail.

But there are models I will buy no matter how much it costs to get them.  The 1957 GMC Pickup is definitely one of them.  From the Walmart exclusive from a few years ago to this new military version, this model always looks good.

As much as current pickups bore the hell out of me, I can’t profess my love for classic pickups enough. Doesn’t matter the make, anything from the 80’s and earlier with a bed is a Lamley pleaser.  And the GMC is as good-looking as they come.  I fancy the black version the most, and this military version, minus the grey grill and way-too-modern “MBX” logo in the rear, looks swell as well.

So I collect them all.  And I photograph them.  And I post them.  And they are all here.  Enjoy…

(Find the ’57 GMC Pickup, including that hard-to-find Walmart exclusive, on ebay…)

Matchbox 1957 GMC Pickup (2013 5-pack exclusive):

The crew:

2010 Basic

2010 Walmart exclusive

2010 10-pack exclusive

2011 Lesney Edition

2011 Basic

2011 Farm 5-pack

2013 Battle Mission 5-pack

4 Replies to “Model of the Day: Matchbox Battle Mission 5-pack 1957 GMC Pickup…”

  1. Would have been nice if Matchbox curved the rear window to match the diecast metal and be a little more realistic rather than the flat straight across window…

  2. I 100% agree about the rear window. It spoils an otherwise great model. I have skipped buying one because of that. It didn't have to be so bad because the wrap-around rear window was an option. Matchbox could have produced the model with the standard flat window instead of botching the wrap-around rear window.

  3. This is certainly one of my favorite current Matchbox models, the lack of curved back window has not bothered me considering the price point. One high point of this variation is the more realistic wood-tone to the bed color!

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