Just Unveiled: CM Models’ Ferrari F12 Berlinetta…

Great news coming from our friends at Daboxtoys.  CM Models, who we used to lovingly call the OEM Factory, is about to release its first set under its new name.

And for a name debut, you can’t pick any model.  So they went ahead with a fantastic Ferrari.  Realism is the name of the game with CM, and that is evident here.  They have released photos of the Ferrari preproduction models, and they look great.

Even better, there will be a special model, a secret car in white with colors of the Italian flag.  Only a few lucky collectors will get their hands on that one.

From Felix at Daboxtoys:

CM Model has released the pre-production photos of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. There will now be 6 main-line colors (yellow is missing in this photo) plus we have already seen the secret model with the white body and Italian racing stripe. These are in production now so should be ready soon.

I would pay close attention to Daboxtoys at their store and on their Facebook page to know when these will be available, because they will go quickly.  Based on the rapid sellout of the China Owner’s Club exclusive (in satin red below) a couple of weeks ago, these will be very popular.

We hope to have a couple to preview here on the blog, so stay tuned…

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