First Look: Matchbox Dodge Challenger SRT8 & other models from Batch M…

Funny, while we spent the last 15 months celebrating, anticipating, previewing, photographing, writing about (and photographing and writing about again) the Matchbox BMW 1M, we didn’t realize there were other models in the batch.  Or the whole damn line.

We remembered the Seagrave, but there are others.  So here are some of them from Batch M.  Not all, but these grabbed our attention.  One is new, one is a VW, one is an Ambulance, and one is a killer-looking Dodge Challenger in purple.

The Matchbox Challenger has always been superior to the Hot Wheels version.  I don’t mind the large rear wheels on many Hot Wheels, but they completely ruined the Challenger.  It took away the whole aesthetic of the Challenger.  It doesn’t even look like a Challenger.  The Matchbox does.  It just needed the 5-spokes it is sporting on this purple model instead of the 10sp it has run on in the past.

So outside of the green version from last year’s 9-pack (which I am still looking for), this is the best version of the Challenger.

Enjoy the pics…

(And find Matchbox Batch M at Wheel Collectors…)

Dodge Challenger SRT8

Road Raider


Ford Ambulance

VW Thing

Sahara Survivor

8 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox Dodge Challenger SRT8 & other models from Batch M…”

  1. I've actually seen a purple Challenger with white stripes. I will get this one. The HW one I've got looks weird.

    The Road Raider will be left on the rack

    I don't know that I will get the ambulance.

    The VW “The Thing” Type 181 looks great. I will be getting this one

    The Sahara Survivor looks pretty good. I might get it.

  2. YEAH! Oh wait, NO YEAH! Know why? Because the challenger is the only one with tempos!!!

    Yes, all the challenger castings throughout the years from 2010 have tempos. Well the challenger is a good car for my matchbox collection. I'll collect and compare it with the charger pursuit. Speaking of the challenger, we'll talk about the others. The ambulance I'll collect. Hey, did any of you notice the ambulance looks a lot like the 2010 casting? Oh, the front and back tempos, WHERE ARE THEY MATCHBOX!? Glad that Volkswagen type thing is the best casting, but the tempos. That's what I want for my collection. Yep, today was tempos day for ME-HEE-HEEEEEE!!! Oh, the challenger is a pretty looking darn good. But the color, I wanted it in grey and red stripes. WHO AGREES WITH THAT???

  3. I wonder why the front light bar has been left out (on every issue but the LIFE EMS promotional one) as well as the badges (E-350, Ford Logo), grille warning lights, as well as the hardware for the rear doors. The one I'm comparing it with is the 2011 Lesney Edition “Boone County Fire District” version. Plus I hate the squad bench in the interior, it looks nothing like the one on a modern ambulance. Considering there are new NFPA standards that require rear chevrons, why haven't we seen that yet.

  4. Whooaa… David, you better be careful with the lighting in your studio. Your photos are always great, and I appreciate your blog tremendously, but the heat from your lamps is beginning to melt that Road Raider. You could end up with a serious chemical fire if not careful. Be safe.

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