Fuch-en great! The Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911 in yellow…

Oops, I did it again.

I bought another TLV Porsche.  I keep saying I am satisfied with the TLV Porsches I have, but now I have…….count ’em……six.  SIX!!  And there is still a seventh out there to get.  I will tell myself not to get the green 912, but you and I both know I will.  I might as well just bite the bullet and do it.

Like I just bit on the yellow 911.  Why I didn’t buy this one earlier I have no idea.  I love Porsches.  I love the Porsche 911.  I LOVE the Porsche 911 in yellow.  I don’t know why yellow Porsches are so appealing, but they are.  Maybe because yellow allows you to enjoy all the details, but with a little more flare than white can provide.

PLUS….Fuchs!  5-leaf Fuchs on a Porsche equal perfection, so add that to yellow, and I wonder what took me so long to get this model.

But I have it, and you can enjoy it.  I should have taken pics of the yellow with its five other counterparts, but the TLV’s don’t want to come out while the office is getting done, so yellow stands on its own for now.  But just in case, the other five:

They are cool, eh?  So is this one:

(Oh, and go get the TLV Porsches here…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911:

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  1. Beautiful in yellow! I have the police variant and quite nearly bought the gray and red one… Fuch's would have sealed the deal. Great photos!

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