It is finally out! The highly anticipated Matchbox BMW 1M and other Batch M models are now available at Wheel Collectors…

It has finally arrived…

It has been 15 months since the folks at Matchbox announced they were doing the ridiculously cool BMW 1M.  Which means it has been 15 months of impatience, waiting for one of my most highly anticipated Matchbox models.

And I made sure the folks at Matchbox knew it.  During my time as Matchbox Ambassador, the status of the 1M was always my first question to the design team, and I know when they finally had pics they were happy to share them with me (to at least get me off their backs).  They even let me take preview pics at the most recent Matchbox Gathering.  And if you want anymore evidence of my feelings about the casting, find out how much I paid at auction for the prepro 1M Mattel donated to the Gathering…

So this is a happy day at the Lamley offices.  Wheel Collectors just called to let us know that Batch M has arrived, and among many great models, the BMW 1M is here.  There is one on its way to us, and we will make sure to show it off as soon as we can.

And we think this will go fast.  So head over to Wheel Collectors if you want to snag one, and be sure to mention Lamley for a 10% discount.

Follow the link below to see all the models:

Matchbox 2013 Batch M

3 Replies to “It is finally out! The highly anticipated Matchbox BMW 1M and other Batch M models are now available at Wheel Collectors…”

  1. I would not be willing to pay 4-10 times the regular price for a model that I can find at near any local store for $1 or a little under or over that price. I enjoy the thrill of the chase and to me, that's what really makes this hobby.

    The Seagrave, at $10 is the worst overpriced. Last year, the red Seagrave was at the top of my list. I eventually found it at a local store for $0.99.

    When I pay more than $2 for a Matchbox model, it will usually be a Lesney Edition or 60th Anniversary, or a Lesney Made in England vintage one.

  2. Oh, come on! How about the 2013 ford explorer from the mainline on a police version? I really want to see all the best models in the card.

  3. I totally agree Cody, while that BMW 1M is attractive and so is the fire truck, there will be plenty and plenty hitting store shelves in the coming months for $1… or $1.29 at some shops; either way quite a savings if you're already at the store! Though all depends, some folks are very willing to pay extra for the convenience.

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