Variation Alert: Hot Wheels Scion FR-S with large PR5 wheels…

Here is the criteria for us to show a variation on Lamley:

  1. If we like it, and there is a good pic, we will show it.
  2. Uh, yep.  That.
That’s it.  It is random, but occasionally something catches out interest.  And in this case, the fact that I found it helps.
Say hello to an FR-S in an identity crisis.  It seems that among the car folk the first rule of owning an FR-S/86/BRZ is to not keep is stock.  Play with the stance, add a racing kit, get all excited about something associated with a rabbit riding a rocket or something, whatever.  Just play with it.
Well Hot Wheels loves to add a little love to their castings, and it does appear the Hot Wheels FR-S is sporting a little kit of its own.  But last week we found a variation that isn’t satisfied with its racing kit.  It wants to be an off-roader, or an Escalade driven circa 2003, or something.  All we know is this one is rolling on very large rims:

Can you see it?  Shall we compare?

Now do you see it?  Yep, she’s rockin out on 19’s.  Or 20’s?  All we know is those are some big wheels.  But you know what is cool?  When we say “rolling on large rims” we mean it.  It may be a tight fit, but those wheels roll.  
Now you might ask why this model is being shown off loose.  You might be saying to yourself, “Everyone knows you don’t open a variation.  They can be faked, especially one as simple as this.  Moron.”  Yes that is true, but since this model is staying in the collection, I opened it.  And it helps that I found a second:
You can tell by the missing paint on the white stripe.  Both of these were found in Walmart 3-packs.  It is probably a case of the larger wheels erroneously getting into a batch of normal sized PR5’s, and a few FR-S’s making it out with the vari.  That means there could be more.  
So those of you who hunt at Walmart, check the aisles.  You might find a cool little vari with very large wheels.  But keep that eye trained.  I thought something looked different, but still almost put it back…
And while we are at it, keep that keen error eye trained as well.  These three were found this week:
No side tampo (both sides)

No side tampo (both sides)

Front MC5 wheels

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