Just Unveiled: More photos of the brand new Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo 8C, and an amazing start for new models in 2014…

The news just keeps coming.

We know the news of the Alfa Romeo 8C already broke awhile ago, but more photos are now appearing out there is social media-land, and we like what we see.

These small photos aren’t the highest quality, but they do show front and rear detailing that looks pretty sharp.  And while this one unfortunately is plagued with the large-rear-wheel virus, the casting still captures the gorgeous compact lines of the 8c.

Mattel seems to be re-establishing some great relationships license-wise lately.  Who knows if it was a “you, not me” situation, but it is great to see the two sides making up.  First BMW, now Alfa.  Could Mercedes-Benz be somewhere down the line?  (I’m not holding my breath.)

Anyway, a true Italian beauty is making its triumphant return, both as the Hot Wheels 8C you see here, and later in the year with Matchbox as the 4C.  And little birdies are saying we should prepare to see the return of the beautiful Matchbox ’65 Guilia Sprint GTA in a color other than red or white.

For now, let’s enjoy the newest Hot Wheels models to enter the fold:

Now, with the Alfa sure to hit our stores soon, look how 2014 is starting for licensed New Models not called Jetson:

  • Datsun 620
  • COPO Camaro
  • Aston Martin DB5
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Alfa 8C
  • Lambo Sesto Elemento
  • Honda Civic EF
  • Mastretta MXR
Take a look at that list, and you see something unheard of with Hot Wheels:
  • Italian cars – 2
  • Japanese cars – 2
  • British cars – 1
  • German cars – 1
  • Mexican cars – 1
  • American cars – 1
Yes, there are as many American New Models as Mexican!  One (ONE!) muscle car in the mix so far.  Will that change?  Of course it will.  Hot Wheels isn’t Hot Wheels without a multitude of Mustangs and Camaros int the lineup, and we don’t mind at all.  But it is nice to see 2014 launching with such an international feel.
I have maintained that one of my biggest joys about running the Lamley Group is getting to meet so many collectors from around the world.  I have a much better sense of what many of you from both hemispheres like and don’t like, and I have learned that the US-centric audience of the HWC may not be as relevant as they think they are.  (Plus, only reading about how angry Pat from Des Moines is that he didn’t get his RLC Blown Delivery gets a little old, while any posts linking to Lamley’s model showcases gets deleted.  Am I bitter about it?  Maybe.)  Mattel is very aware of its international audience, and it is really starting to show.  But they can do more.  The beginning of 2014 is a nice start…

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!!
    It could be pink for all I care, as long as the fact that the 8c is getting made at all. It was tough getting that Alfa license back, and I will gratefully collect this car to show my gratitude.

  2. Just to chime in again, don't sweat it John. A lot of those dudes from the HWC are middle-aged American geezers that can't get over the fact that there are more than just muscle cars, 4x4s and Deliverys in the world. No offense to them or what they choose to collect, just saying. I love how cultured you have become about cars from other parts of the globe. I still like muscle cars, but I have also fell in love with the smaller, more nimble European and Japanese sports cars. It has gotten to the point where my collection represents cars from different countries, and the little cars themselves represent their approach to how each country makes the cars in real life, and I think that in itself is cool. Keep on doing what you do man, that makes me keep reading.

  3. That's AWESOME news! I can't believe HW's is doing an 8C. I hope it's done in a red metallic – or just plain red. I can't wait. I'll take white too. Heck, i'm not super crazy if it's black, but i guess i'll take it also. Variety is the spice of life so we welcome more international flavor, if you dig it. There's plenty more where that came from.

  4. WAIT A MINUTE! Hot Wheels is doing a Panamera? How are they doing the same model that their orange brothers have already done not very long ago? Did Matchbox sell their casting in the hope of giving it a new life? Oh I want to know more about this thing. Yes the 8C is very pretty and I want it badly, same goes for the DB5, Lambo, Mastretta and Civic, but the Panamera is what really catches me here. I'm genuinely interested to see what Hot Wheels does to and it how it turns out.

    – Black Wind.

  5. It is on T-Hunted. It is a different casting than the Matchbox version. The Matchbox will be released again this year, and the Hot Wheels sits a little lower with a spoiler on the back. Both were designed by Ryu Asada.

  6. I only collect japanese and euro car hotwheels haha, only US cars i pick up are pick up's and wagons (estate's thats what us brit's call them 🙂 more stuff like this the better i say and lets have more jdm and euro t-hunts/supers please.

    Love lamley!

  7. Pardon me for commenting so much but the must have 2014 Hot Wheels vehicles for me are the '63 or '64 Aston Martin DB5,Alfa Rome 8C,'90 Honda Civic and the Mastretta MXR. It be swell if they're released sometime this year but I can't “hold my breath” ( pardon the pessimism.) I somewhat hate to type this but since I reside in Canada I sometimes have this nagging feeling that it could be several months for these desired vehicles to start “hitting” Canadian store shelves as soon as possible. Why? It's because it seems that certain products will arrive to U.S. retailers faster than and prior to Canadian retailers and to some extent it's because I reside in a city that only has a few “proper ” stores (2 Wal Marts,1 Toys R Us and come Nov 13th the local Target is supposed to open.) Either way good luck to me cause I'll be needing it.

  8. It's me again (the same individual who commented on Nov 10th) so to update my “status” (if I'm using that term in a correct manner) the thing is I fortunately was able to purchase the die cast 1963 Aston Martin DB5 and the 1990 Honda Civic but I'll feel more satisfied if or when the Alfa Romeo C8 and Mastretta MXR will be available at a local store(s) sometime this year even before Christmas,however, I don't purchase die cast Hot Wheels for Christmas just to point that out.

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