This week’s "Lamley Deal of the Week" for the week of September 23rd…

We should start by saying thanks to everyone who has made our “Lamley Deal of the Week” program with Wheel Collectors a successful one.

We are now in our third week of offering hard-to-find models to Lamley readers, and we have heard from a great deal of you saying you have been taking advantage of the weekly discounts and getting models that have been on your want lists for awhile.

So let’s keep it going…

This week Wheel Collectors is offering three more hard-to-find but highly desired models from the 2013 Boulevard series.  The ’58 Belvedere, Honda CR-X, and ’85 Bronco have shown up in many stores, so these have been made available at the cheapest price on the web, and just over the in-store price.

But the true gems of this week’s listings are the Dodge Power Wagon and ’67 Bronco from the very elusive Hot Wheels Garage Line.  If you are not familiar with the plight of Garage Batch J, all you need to do is see what happened to the final batches of Hot Wheels Racing and and Hot Ones.  The lines were coming to an end and retailers did not want them.  So Garage Batch J met the same fate.  Some were found at retail, but in very small numbers.  Wheel Collectors was able to order a few cases and they have made two of the better models from that batch, the Power Wagon and Bronco, available at the cheapest price they have ever offered.

You don’t want to miss out on these, especially those Garage models.  Grab them now before the sale is over at week’s end…

Click here for the Lamley Deal of the Week or follow the individual links below:

Hot Wheels Garage J Dodge Power Wagon

Hot Wheels Garage J ’67 Ford Bronco

Hot Wheels Boulevard Honda CR-X

Hot Wheels Boulevard ’58 Belvedere

Hot Wheels Boulevard ’85 Ford Bronco

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