First Look: Matchbox Dodge A100 & Charger Police, Deep Diver Submarine, and other models from 2013 Batch L…

The Dodges are coming!  The Dodges are coming!

Matchbox Batch L is out, and there seems to be a theme.  Not that batches have themes (but silhouette is taken into account – each model needs to look different at first glance), but this one seems to be heavy on the Dodge.  For whatever reason Dodge hasn’t been terribly prominent in the Matchbox and Hot Wheels lineups of late, but they are returning with a vengeance.

And no model will receive the welcome of the way-too-long-awaited Dodge Charger Police.  Remember, today is September 24, 2013.  Do you know when the Dodge Charger Police was announced by Matchbox?  Late-July, 2011.  Yes, 2011.  That is over two years ago.

The Charger Police was originally announced as a 2012 model, but was delayed until late 2012, then 2013, then late 2013.  It is late 2013, and the model is finally here.  We have seen it before, and it is nice to have in hand.  Now to see if we can get our hands on that oft-delayed Evoque (2015 maybe?).

And with the Police comes another Dodge, the fantastic A100 Pickup.  We previewed this already, but why not a few more pics?

And lastly, at least as far as new models go, the Submarine.  Not a model I feel qualified to comment on, but it is kind of cute.  With its heavy metal base and non-moving propeller I would guess it is not made for the bathtub, but I think a few will be snagged by passing-by kids.

We will still (not) patiently wait (at all) for the BMW 1M to arrive, but this batch will hold us over nicely.

(And you can find it at Wheel Collectors…)

Matchbox 2013 Batch L:

2013 Dodge Charger Pursuit

1968 Dodge A100 Pickup

Deep Diver Submarine

’63 Cadillac Ambulance

Opel Speedster

12 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox Dodge A100 & Charger Police, Deep Diver Submarine, and other models from 2013 Batch L…”

  1. I gotta admit, that sub looks pretty darn cool. I can imagine a kid having fun with that one in the pool or the bathtub. On another note, the Opel Speedster is one that I would want the most out of this batch, since I am more of a sports car enthusiast. That one is a seriously underrated casting, as well as a hugely underrated sports car. The graphics are not that cheesy either, which is a bonus. I will be painting a few though.

  2. Dodge Charger, A100, and Viper I'll be getting

    The new sub looks like a research sub (more than it's predecessor) and looks like its predecessor. No wheels makes it more realistic.

    Just like the other commenter, I would like the Dodge to be released in its demo design, like the Ford Taurus was this year.

  3. The viper, charger police, speedster will be the best matchbox cars in my matchbox collection. I wanted to comment the charger is 2012, not 2013.

  4. to meney herocity toys I love matchbox but hotwheels is shit and matell nows it I will not stand for it stincks licke cow shit I do not efend eney bodey we all shud just stop buying mattel fauls toys and fauls ways of selling us utercrap then and onley then will thay listen mattel you suck hotwheels do sell at all I have all prooth you wharnt and sixteyth toys er a joke give it to hotwheels as they crap to

  5. I still haven't found this wave. Isn't there still one or two more waves for this year? Hot Wheels has not only finished 2013, 2014 is already hitting stores. And it's not because Hot Wheels sell better, the stores have over 500 cars in stock and only 15 Matchbox.

  6. You weren't the only one to notice it and wonder. I just found one in the store and so can answer your question. It is riveted from the bottom up instead of top down; the rivet is in the conning tower between the periscope and the…other thing (exhaust pipe?).

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