The Matchbox German Toy Show Exclusives of year’s past, plus a little teaser for the 2013 show model…

Matchbox produces very few promotional exclusives each year.  While Hot Wheels produces several convention, RLC, toy show, and car show models every month it seems, Matchbox will throw out the occasional model in very limited numbers.

In fact, at this point, Matchbox only produces models for the MC Gathering in July, Everett Marshall’s Charity Golf Tournament in August, the Toy Fair, and the German Toy Show in October.  We have seen models done for SEMA, Dream Halloween, and other retailers, but nothing more at this point.

So whenever a Matchbox promotional model is released, it is a big deal.  And another is coming.

We have gotten word from our friend Dirk Schleuer in Germany that the next rare promo model will be released next month.  The fifth German exclusive has been made by Matchbox for the show in Leipzig, Germany, and will be unveiled at the show on October 3rd.  In the meantime, Dirk has sent us a couple of teasers:

So what do you think it is?  You might have a good idea, and we will neither confirm nor deny whether you are correct.  But needless to say this is a beautiful model and will be high on a lot of collector’s wants list.  The question will be how to get it.

The Modell Hobby Spiel show in Germany is a big event, and those attending will have a chance to snag this exclusive.  But I have good news for those that cannot.  Dirk has been kind enough to send Lamley a few, which he asked that we make available to our readers.  We might give one away, along with last year’s Seagrave, and we might sell a few to those that are interested on a first come, first serve basis.  Once the model has been revealed (we are set to do a First Look feature as soon as it is out), we will give out the details on how to get one.  Don’t miss out…

To whet your appetite a bit, how about a look at the previous exclusives?  Matchbox hasn’t done one every year, but when they do, the models are truly eye-popping.  Which is your favorite?

2006 – Mercedes-Benz CLS500

2009 – VW Karmann Ghia Type 14

2010 – Volvo P1800S

2012 – Classic Seagrave Fire Engine

2 Replies to “The Matchbox German Toy Show Exclusives of year’s past, plus a little teaser for the 2013 show model…”

  1. Seeing that CLS500 makes me wish that Mattel and Mercedes would get their differences sorted out. Mercedes has been gone from the Matchbox and HW lineups far too long.

    Anyways, my personal favorite is the Ghia.


  2. the best here is teh Volvo without doubt, a stunning model in a stunning colour.

    I may be too early, but can i put my name forward for one of the ones you can sell for this years model pretty please.

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