Introducing the Wheel Collectors’ "Lamley Deal of the Week"…

Since the early days of the Lamley Group blog, we have enjoyed a great relationship with the diecast sellers over at Wheel Collectors.  They have helped us get models early to preview for you, and in turn we like to support them and send our readers their way.

After some discussion, we decided we both wanted to do something special for our Lamley readers.  So we are happy to announce the Lamley over at the Wheel Collectors store.

Here is how it works:

Each week we will get together with the folks at Wheel Collectors and pick 3 to 5 models that we know would interest Lamley readers.  Wheel Collectors will then slash the price on those models for the entire week, or until they sell out.

And these won’t be generic pegwarmers that no one wants.  These will be popular models, old and new, and they will easily be at the cheapest prices on ebay.  We will announce the models early each week here on the blog and on our Facebook page, so be ready.

And we want to start with a bang.  So we chose two of the most popular, but hardest-to-find, models of 2013 – the Hot Wheels Boulevard Datsun Wagon and Nissan Hakosuka Skyline – and slashed the prices to the cheapest on ebay.  As the third model, we chose the equally hard-to-find and underrated Boulevard Renault 5 and priced it cheaper than what you can get in stores.

Whether you still need these models, or want to add an extra Datsun Wagon to the collection, NOW is the time to grab one.  Just follow the links below:


HW Boulevard Renault 5

HW Nissan Skyline 2000GT-X

HW Datsun 510 Wagon

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