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Feeling-Lazy-Friday: A random selection of Lamley faves…

Hello from beautiful Moab, Utah.  I was planning a one-day road trip to see some clients in central Utah, but spur of the moment it turned into a family excursion on some of the most beautiful roads in the western US.

A quick chat with the wife, a quick call to the kid’s school, and we were off.  So today was spend seeing clients, and in between taking in the views at Fish Lake, learning about the petroglyphs at Capitol Reef National Park, and taking in a spontaneous bagpipe and fiddle concert in a parking lot in Moab.

So coming back to the hotel, exhausted, means we get to do something actually fun.  Let’s ditch the First Looks for moment and just look at cool cars.  I went back into the Lamley folders of photos and pulled out some faves.  Some favorite models, some favorite photos.  And maybe mixed in there will be some models you haven’t given much thought to but enjoy having.

So take it in.  And as I wander the Moab area working tomorrow, send me a request of a model you enjoyed seeing on the blog, and if the article was done, I will link it on our Lamley Facebook Page…



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