First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment ’48 Ford & ’58 Impala…

Full disclosure:

This ’48 Ford from Grease, aka Greased Lightning, does not have one iota of a chance entering the Lamley collection.  It has a few things NOT going for it.  Some of those reasons:

  • This car comes from an era that, while I can appreciate the cars, doesn’t hold much interest for me.  Hot Rods are cool, and a few of you know I had a hell of a time at the Rat Fink Reunion back in May, but they still don’t keep my interest.
  • It’s ugly.  The casting is very well done, as it clearly replicates nicely the real car.  But when you replicate ugly it is still ugly.
  • There are very few models that are able to look good when released next to the new Ferrari 250 California, which was also released in this batch.
  • Lastly, I hate, and I mean HATE, Grease.  The first three bullet points render me indifferent, and we all have models that we don’t care about one way or the other, but I hate the musical/movie Grease with an inordinate amount of venom.
I should explain.  
I am sure there are a few of you that grew up with older sisters.  Older sisters can be torture for a young boy, with all the teasing and whatnot.  So you learn to fight back by despising everything that they love.  For me, that included Anne of Green Gables books, the Carpenters, Footloose, The Sound of Music, as well as many more things that I could list on and on.  
However, over time things change.  Older sisters start paying more attention to other things in place of teasing little brothers, and as you grow older you can start appreciating some of the things you irrationally hated earlier.  I can actually listen to a Carpenters tune, even that weird one about alien visitors digging our grooves, I haven’t read the Anne of Green Gables books, but will let my daughters if they want, Footloose is still awful, but I can now appreciate the Sound of Music as one of the best movies ever made.  Seriously.  I love it.  Don’t tell anyone though.
But Grease.
Oh Grease.  Those teeth-gringing, jump-off-a-cliff annoying f*%@king songs.  That movie.  That awful movie.  The way everyone and their sister kept singing those songs.  Songs about beauty school and girls with chalkboard-scratching voices.  I have to stop thinking about them.  I could not escape them as a kid.
But it didn’t stop there.  Drama was my thing in high school.  I fancied myself a thespian, and thoroughly enjoyed the fall play.  Usually a 3-act with no songs.  Sometimes serious, sometimes funny. But always fun, and I was pretty good.  But I took pride in missing the spring musical.  I didn’t enjoy the singing, nor could I get behind the idea of spontaneously breaking into song for no reason.  So when Grease was announced as the spring musical my junior year, I happily declined the invitation to audition.
But I could not avoid that damn play.  First, my drama instructor asked me to come on as a student director.  I could not say no.  Next, do I need to remind you of the steel lock those awful songs take on overzealous drama students?  They just don’t sing those songs in rehearsal, but on the bus, in between class, in class, in the halls, everywhere.  Everywhere I went, hand jives and greased lightning and beauty school and on and on.
I hate Grease.  More than most things.  Those songs.  This car is from that musical.  I hate this car.  I can’t form any rational opinion on it.  I took some photos, and now I will get rid of it.  
Have I made my point?
Oh, and there is a ’58 Impala from Star Wars or some other George Lucas flick.  
Moving on…
(If you are so inclined, you can find Greased Lighting and the Star Wars Impala or whatever, along with the rest of Batch F on ebay…)
Hot Wheels ’48 Ford & ’58 Impala (2013 Retro Entertainment):

7 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment ’48 Ford & ’58 Impala…”

  1. That 58 impala is completely wrong, should not have fenderskirts, original car was jacked up atthe rear with big n littles, and no conti kit. total fail. theyll be painting the piss yella coupe orange then??

  2. But… this car is automatic
    It's systematic, it's hydromatic
    Why, it's greased lightning!!!

    You seriously made me laugh with this review! Almost choked on my coffee!

    Jude Rivera
    JudeR73 on InstaGram

  3. That's Lando's '58 Impala from The Empire Strikes Back! That's his weekend vehicle. The trunk actually has equipment that allows the car to fly through Cloud City. I'm kind of surprised to see it considering that the scene he drives it in was cut from the original film and has yet to be added to any special edition, even as a deleted scene in the bonus features. For some reason, George hates that scene even more than the infamous mess that was the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    Kidding aside, it definitely isn't accurate, but it's my favorite of the two cars featured here. Not a big Grease fan either.


  4. I love strong opinions, they make this blog personal and alive.
    Impala is really nice, whether it looks like a movie car or not. And the Ford? Deco sucks, but I love the body, love the stance and love to add it to my collection!

    Grease however… I share your opinion 100%.

  5. lol…u hv got a very special piece of write-up here.
    the only one that didn't talk about the love of cars but the opposite.

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