Just Released: Hot Wheels Flying Customs Batch E is now out at Wheel Collectors…

Well, all the questions can finally be answered.

There has been much speculation about the last batch of Flying Customs.  The line has been a dud in the big box stores, and Hot Wheels cut the lineup and announced the Batch E would be the final batch of the series.  But the question remained, where would this batch be found?

The big box stores don’t want it, with Cool Classics moving in to take their space, so there was a lot of speculation that this wold follow the same route as Garage Batch J and the final batch of Hot Wheels Racing last year: they would show up at random stores in random parts of the world.  And what luck would that be when the final batch actually contained models that collectors want, like the Nissan Skyline, Texas Drive ‘Em, and Chevy Chevette.

The cases have appeared in both Hong Kong and Brazil, but we are now happy to let you know that our friends at Wheel Collectors just received their shipment of Hot Wheels Flying Customs Batch E.  So they are here in the US.  Maybe not in stores, but at least available.

We have already previewed the Texas Drive ‘Em, and will be showing the the Skyline and others soon.  In the meantime, follow the link below to Wheel Collectors to get yours, and be sure to mention Lamley to get a 10% discount.

Hot Wheels Flying Customs Batch E

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  1. Is it true that they may not be sold in department stores and perhaps not even Toys R Us in the U.S. nor Canada? If so that's a shame and besides isn't it true that it's not always easy to order stuff online especially if some folks honestly don't know how to pay for online products. Although I'm not trying to raise my hopes but with any luck perhaps (just perhaps) the last batch of HW Flying Customs Series might be available at the local Target store in my hometown when it opens (in Canada by the way) and finally the car that I'd like to purchase is the '81 Ford Fairmont so good luck to me and others interested in this type of car.

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