First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Ferrari 250 California…

Save Ferris.

Well, Ferris was saved, so let’s tweak it a bit.

God Bless Ferris.

More appropriate.  Why?  Well, because if making one of the best movies of the 80’s, one that defined my generation, about a smartass playing hooky, is what it takes to force Hot Wheels almost 30 years later to make one of its best-looking models ever, then so be it.

Ferris, your antics are still bringing a great deal of joy to this world, even if Cameron doesn’t approve.  Cameron’s dad’s car is now in small scale, looking jaw-dropping beautiful.  And when I say it is one of the best-looking models Hot Wheels has ever done, I mean it.

Of course when you are creating a replica of one of the best-looking cars ever made, you are already way ahead.  Classic Ferrari’s are so easy on the eyes, and Hot Wheels thankfully has made a few of them.  Not counting some current beauties, like the 458 and F12, and ignoring the dreadful 80’s and 90’s, here are four of my favorite drool-inducers:

All are so nicely done, but the 250 GTO takes the cake for me.  So much detail in that model, and definitely one of my favorite Hot Wheels models, Ferrari or otherwise.

Now add the 250 California to the bunch.  I don’t need to explain why I like it, as the photos are the evidence I need.  So congrats to the Hot Wheels team for this one.  While I continue to lament the loss of the Boulevard line, model like this Ferrari have me scouring film after film for cars that could be in future Retro Entertainment lineups.  Maybe I won’t miss Boulevard as much as I thought I would…

(Find the Ferrari 250 California at Wheel Collectors.  And if you desire, the Ferrari 250 GTO on ebay…)

Hot Wheels Ferrari 250 California (2013 Retro Entertainment):

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  1. John, from which line is that absolutely gorgeous 250 GTO? I have no choice but to agree with you, it is one of the most beautiful things Hot Wheels have EVER done. I did not know that specific version of it, I only knew the versions that were sometimes red, sometimes black… That color is just wonderfull, kind of a mixture of blue and silver, truly wonderfull indeed. Thanks! =)

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