First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Magnum P. I. Volkswagen Sunagon & Island Hopper…

As we have said before, you can categorize the models in the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment line in two ways.  First, those models that fully represent a particular movie or show, and their appeal is 100% related to that.  The second is those models that are cool, whether they are associated with a movie or not.  The upcoming Ferrari California is fantastic, whether it came from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off or not.  The Mystery Machine?  You better be a Scooby Doo fan.

The two Magnum P. I. models just released kind of fall in both.  VW fans will undoubtedly pick up the Sunagon, with or without those magnificent early 80’s colors, but that helicopter…oh man.

Let’s talk about that helicopter.  It is small.  It has very little metal.  The entire tail is plastic, and the rear propeller is molded in (i.e. it doesn’t move).  Did I mention it is small?  We don’t like to make a habit of complaining here at Lamley, but there is no way this little copter should have been released as its own $5 model.  It should have been thrown on top of the Sunagon and sold as an accessory like the metal bike in the back of the Chevy Panel Van.  There are going to be a few disappointed people when they see the Island Hopper.  Starting with T.C. when he realizes he can’t get that rear propeller to spin.

So we like Magnum PI here, but we will stick with mustaches and Ferraris.

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Hot Wheels Volkswagen Sunagon & Island Hopper (2013 Retro Entertainment):

3 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Magnum P. I. Volkswagen Sunagon & Island Hopper…”

  1. although disappointing that the rear prop doesn't spin, I have to admit that TCs helicopter was always a part of Magnum PI that I was excited to see! From the opening credits to anytime that it made an appearance… I LOVED that helicopter and cant wait to find it!

  2. That helicopter, and the 2 battlestar ships are the reason why I decided not to bother collecting the retro series. $5 I want premium wheels and paint. Had those 3 pieces not been in the line I would have tried to complete the set. instead I left most of them on the pegs

  3. sad. TC does not approve. what about rick's SL? higgins' audi (robin2)? robin master's gmc (robin3)? agatha's rambler?

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