First Look: Hot Wheels World Race 5-pack…

It might be only a few times a year, and one is already reserved for Ferraris, but it is nice when Hot Wheels releases a 5-pack full of licensed cars.  This year, there have been a smattering of licensed models in some of the 5-packs, but with these packed squarely aimed at the kids passing by in their parents’ shopping cart, crazy models and colors prevail.  Occasionally we collectors are thrown a little shout-out, with the yearly Ferrari pack, one pack usually reserved for a particular automaker (Corvette & Shelby most recently), and maybe one more.

The World Race 5-pack is that “one more” this year.  The pack is a decent representation of a world race, with two of the Queen’s cars, two Italian Stallions, and one from the Land of the Rising Sun.  Of course a Ford Falcon and…say…an SP2 might make it more of a world race, but supercars seem to be the name of the game in this pack.

So here is our look at all 5 models.  The highlight for me?  The Aston, looking nice in 10-spokes.  Your favorite?

Hot Wheels World Race 5-pack:

(Click on the names of the models to other versions for sale…)

Lamborghini Countach

Lamborghini Reventon

Mazda Furai

Aston Martin One-77

Lotus Esprit

Of these five, I fully collect two: The Mazda and the Aston Martin.  As a bonus, here are all versions of the Mazda Furai, along with all versions (and an almost complete tour of different Hot Wheels wheels) of the Aston Martin:

Mazda Furai:

2010 Basic grey

2010 Basic red

2012 FTE (missing the chrome wheel vari found in multipacks)

2013 World Race 5-pack

Aston Martin One-77

2011 New Models

2012 Basic white

2012 Basic red

2012 Basic metalflake grey

2011 Basic Walmart redline exclusive

2012 Basic rare MC5 wheels

2013 World Race 5-pack

All three wheel variations on the 2012 metalflake grey:

5 Replies to “First Look: Hot Wheels World Race 5-pack…”

  1. You had to do the trick for the Reventon's rear wheels or have they fixed the problem?

    Anyway, that's the best Reventon they have released. It's goo to see the Esprit there too.

  2. All in all, this is a very solid pack. My favorites: the Aston, the Lotus, and the Reventon. The Furai, I was never too interested in it before, but it has grown on me. Countach looks decent too. I don't say this too much about 5-packs, but this one is pretty dope. Might have to peep this.

  3. That Aston would look pretty trick if it had the metalflake paint with the ten spokes in a gold finish (or just maybe the chrome spokes would do!).
    This is just my opinion, but the Countach would be balanced with the rear wing.
    There is something about a Countach that looks blazing fast standing still with that wing. I like the addition of the Lotus, but the jury is still out for that color.

  4. Picked this pack up at Auto Zone while getting some oil. Needed to spend $3 or more to get 50% off my purchase so this worked out. My favorite would have to be the Lotus.

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