First Look: Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T 2by2…

There is a funny thing that happens at the Matchbox Gathering.  I talk Matchbox, I think Matchbox, I listen to all kinds of things about Matchbox, and I photograph Matchbox.  But I come home with a lot of other brands.

In my car on the way home from Albuquerque were the Gathering models and the prepro I won at auction, but they were surrounded by some Hot Wheels, a couple of 2013 Super Treasure Hunts, and a load of Tomica Limited Vintage.

The only message to read into that is that sometimes you can get current Super TH’s you don’t have for a good price ($10 in this case), and I will do anything I can to get my hands on Tomica Limited Vintage.  It has nothing to do with Matchbox, but there are very few models I don’t have that are on my want list.  So I come home with a lot of diverse stuff.

The last two years it has been all about the Tomica Limited Vintage.  There is a side of me that wishes I hadn’t discovered these, because $15 to $25 a pop adds up quickly.  But man they are worth it, but if you follow this blog at all you know I think that.

Being late to the game on TLV’s means there are many I have missed.  While I don’t need to go after all of them, there are a few I hope to acquire eventually.  That was what this meeting was all about.  Thanks to Japanese collector Takuo Yoshise and US seller Jeff Koch, I was able to acquire some extremely elusive models like the Datsun 510 Wagon and 79 Corolla, which I will show soon:

A nice bunch eh?  There are quite a few I am looking forward to showing.

But let’s start with the newest TLV’s.  So new that I think I can do my first Lamley “First Look” on a Tomica Limited Vintage.  They are those two over on your left, the Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T’s.  One in black, one in white.

Second-generation Z, completely JDM with the Nissan badge and Fairlady ID, and apparently power windows because it is the “T”.  A perfect TLV: familiar, but a little off the well-beaten path that most diecast-makers take (even with JDM).  As more and more of these models come out, and as TLV is started to expand into cars from other continents, it gets more and more exciting to see what is coming.

When execution looks like this, your want list gets expansive…

(Find the TLV 280Z on ebay or over at Daboxtoys…)

Tomica Limited Vintage Neo Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T 2by2:

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  1. Wow. That is just spot-on. All it's missing is a little rust and dirt to be exactly like the real ones. Awesome assortment of TLVs you got. I like the cars that were sold here, because I know what they're supposed to look like. In fact, all in the past week, I saw a red 510 Wagon, red Subaru fastback, FJ55, and a couple Corollas from that gen. on the road.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more about these cars. The only thing that has kept me from buying more of these, is the price. The detailing is outstanding!

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