First Look: Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup…

To: Dead Horse

Re: Your persistent beating

Dear Mr. D Horse,

I apologize for the all the destruction I have caused in the last few months.  You have been the victim of constant blathering comments from both sides of the argument pertaining to what our friends at Mattel are doing with the Matchbox line.

Someone will see something new from Matchbox, and over and over again make the same comments on how and why they don’t like it, how they are taking their money elsewhere, and blah blah blah.  And then I subsequently try to discredit their feelings with a supposedly calm and definitely wordy diatribe on Mattel’s right to do what they need to.

What I failed to consider was your well-being, Mr. DH, and your desire to be dead in peace.  Here you are, all dead and all, and we ranting and raving Matchbox collectors keep returning with our beating apparatus and make your day not what you hoped it would be.  This needs to stop.

So here is my commitment to you.  I’m done.  I have always been a huge Matchbox fan, and don’t see that changing.  But instead of going in circles about what Matchbox should and shouldn’t do, I am going to sit back, relax, and enjoy those models they create that appeal to me.  If they make an all-plastic 4×4 ice cream truck, I will react like I do whenever I am at the pegs: pass by it with no strong opinion and move on to a model I want.  I will figure Mattel is doing what they are doing, completely accept their right to do what they think is best for their brand, and more importantly, not worry about those that will see it and run to their favorite forum to cry about it.  Let them.  If they are mad that Matchbox didn’t make a model for them, that is their problem.  Why should I engage their frustration?  They don’t like it, they want to complain, that is something that should not bother me.  It is not worth my time, nor yours, Mr. DH, to justify their arguments by responding.

The fact of the matter is that I don’t really care.  This hobby has always been about enjoyment, and spending time complaining or arguing just isn’t enjoyable.  I will make my long-winded points, but will completely miss the point.  I forget that the way I collect and the way I present this blog is all about the enjoyable parts of diecast collecting.  There is plenty to like in the diecast world, whether a lot or a little of that is coming from Matchbox.  So, Mr. D Horse, be dead in peace.  No more meaningless round-and-round from me.

Which takes me to this model pictured below, my rotting equine friend.  The new Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup is a stunner.  A nice addition to the classic car models they have created over the last few years, but in smaller numbers lately.  That is ok, because it is here, and it will look great next to the other classic car Matchbox that is in the Lamley collection.  How great will it look next to the Olds Vista Cruiser?  The attention to detail is there, the casting is well-proportioned, and the model is debuting in such a great color and design.

I am sure someone will lament the white base and grill, or the lack of front and rear tampos.  A chrome base and headlights would be nice, but won’t stop me from picking this up when I see it.  And I promise not to engage those that don’t like it.

Matchbox may not be making as many collector-oriented models as they used to, but Mattel as a whole is.  Seeing that Mattel is given us collectors a T34 Karmann Ghia, a BMW 1M, a Toyota Celica, 2000GT, and Supra, a Dodge A100, a Porsche 993, a Jeep Wagoneer, a Datsun and many others in 2013, I am pretty happy.  And that doesn’t take into account all the TLV’s and Kyoshos I have added.  I am going to keep my approach to collecting the same way I do in the store and here in the blog:

By enjoying what I enjoy.

There will surely be a comment or two, and I can get disappointed when an anticipated model just doesn’t turn out the way I hoped, but I will keep that case-by-case based.  That means that you, poor lifeless DH, can go on enjoying your entrance into the circle of life without anymore annoyance.

Yours truly,


Matchbox ’66 Dodge A100 Pickup (2013 New Models):

11 Replies to “First Look: Matchbox Dodge A100 Pickup…”

  1. I must beat Mr. Dead Horse again. I just don't feel your trust that Mattel is doing the best for itself or the Matchbox brand.

    On the brighter side, this IS a wonderful model. And btw, is even in the same colour than the Dodge A100 character in “Cars”, although that one was a van and not a pickup.

  2. I must admit, you do have a point mr. John. Sometimes us collectors can become a lot more pompous than we really should. While Matchbox has gone in a direction that I don't necessarily agree with, I, like you, are willing to let bygones be bygones and let me and Matchbox go our separate ways if need be, without a word.

    On a side note, even though trucks like the A100 is not my thing, I will say the color is nice.

  3. That was a very appropriate and suggestive message to combat the constant negativity JTL … just in time too!
    I can understand if one wants to aim comments of dissatisfaction towards Matchbox or any other manufacturer – maybe they think the manufacturers will here the cries of help. But I have to agree, lets make this enjoyable without adding hatred to something that children find appealing. Besides, I hear enough negativity at work.
    I like to see more collector models myself, but it's not the end of the world poeple!

    But anyhow, if there is anything I have to say in regards to being upset, it's the fact that I may not be able to grab that Dodge P/U; either because the local stores take forever to stock the shelves or it's just going to make it in my area. I think it's a cool casting. There's always Ebay gouging!?!
    Now that's something to gripe about!

    The way I look at it, if Matchbox wants to abandon collectors then so be it.
    I know when I was a kid and had Matchbox cars I had the intent in mind to play with them because of my imagination. Now, if I collect I look at other places and options to go to for models that interest me; I too walk by castings I don't like without stressing out!

    Thank you John!

  4. You have the right of opinion as does everyone else, I however have the opposite opinion, if you don't complain, or make comment, then the brand bosses will assume that they are doing the right thing and continue to bring hideous looking generics to market.

    And by not complaining we may end up losing out on such gems like the LR4, Evoque, BMW, etc etc etc, without the negativity, for want of another word, no one will change the way things are done, it happens in every part of life, and everything we buy, if we hate it, it is changed, if something is wrong it is made right, that same should be for Mattel.

    If they are doing something wrong or the way things are heading is wrong, in each person's opinion then we have the right to say, and have that opinion passed along, otherwise we will end up with 125 ghastly generics harking back to the hero cit days, is that what you want ?

  5. As a consumer i think Matchbox make total junk and just to keep the rose tinted spec wearers coming back for more they throw the odd gem in like the little truck but overall it is xmas cracker stuff.

  6. I love that casting and can't wait to find it. Matchbox is doing what they did when Lesney owned it. Producing lot's of Police cars, fire trucks, utility vehicles, everyday cars and really great stuff like that Dodge A 100. The unusual Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. All I want to see is more releases than 2 or 3 in a year. How about 5 or 10 or so. Love these Matchboxes.

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