First Look: 2013 Matchbox Ford F-550 Super Duty Mini Pumper…

I really like this model.

Hard to say why.  Not that I can’t come up with a reason.  There are many models I can appreciate, but not necessarily like enough to put in the collection.  Many Hot Wheels collectors go bonkers for the Drag Bus.  I can appreciate that model.  I wouldn’t say I am a fan though.

So there are many reason to appreciate the Ford F550 Super Duty.  That isn’t hard to do.  What is hard to pinpoint is why I like it so much.  Here is what I can come up with:

1. It fills a niche in the Matchbox line.  Lots of fire trucks, not a lot of small brush fire trucks.   We have seen the International and Ford Superlift brush trucks in the last couple of years, and this one fits nicely with those.  Doesn’t seem like the most compelling reason for liking it though, does it?  So scratch “it fills a niche.”

2. It looks good, and it has been done in a nice variety of decos, including my favorite, the National Parks livery.  While the National Parks livery Matchbox uses is unlicensed, it looks a lot like the vehicles you see while visiting a National Park here in the US.  So we are closer with reason #2.  I really like the National Parks livery, so any model sporting it goes into the collection.  But that doesn’t mean I collect all other version of said models.  But I do collect all the F550’s.  So out the window it goes.

3. It reminds me of National Parks and living in the West.  Yep, that is probably it.  Born in the Bay Area of San Francisco, reared by way of stints in Idaho, central California near the Sierra Nevadas, Arizona, and now Utah.  Hmmmmm, that means I have lived near Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Arches.  It also means I have lived in two of the four Four Corner states.  Put it simply, you cannot live in those areas and not have a deep appreciation for the land you live on.  It is impossible.  The F-550 looks like a National Parks vehicle.  A vehicle used to protect the land I love.  I really like this model.

I think I’ve got it.  It may have a hunk of plastic.  The latest version may sport a red grill.  It may be too light.  I don’t care.  I really like this model…

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Matchbox Ford F-550 Super Duty Mini Pumper (2013 Mainline):

The family:

2011 Basic

2011 Basic recolor

2011 10-pack

2012 5-pack

2012 Basic bright yellow green

2012 Basic correct color

2013 Basic

2 Replies to “First Look: 2013 Matchbox Ford F-550 Super Duty Mini Pumper…”

  1. My town had F550s with just rescue boxes. It's not clear cut as a pumper but seems to be the brush/utility/pumper. I've seen another town with this mix of vehicle so I really like this model. It's realistic. In this MBX execution I think the diamond plate is really what would be roll up doors in real life. In terms of materials I was really disappointed the back seemed so light with plastic. Like you I have every single version of this model. This would be the modern replacement for the HW Rescue Ranger actually.

  2. I collect the F-550 and most all the modern emergency vehicles, so this observation is more general but just really declares itself with this model. The A- and B-pillars are not to scale, or even close. Too thick and 'globby'. The modern vehicles are more smooth and rolled edged than their predecessors, but these pillars make the Ford look like the window glass area is tiny and claustophobic, as well as more cartoon like. Compare to the delicate, thin pillars on most all the regular wheels of the past and see an attention to scale and detail that makes them so endearing.
    Yes, the regular wheels broke when you stepped on them…but we are big boys, we can pick up our toys when we are done playing.

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